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The Scorpion and The Frog by BakaMaxie
The Scorpion and The Frogby Max
Inspired by The Devil's Carnival.
True Beauty by Punnyqueensams
True Beautyby Samantha Williams
I noticed there was not a lot of Repo the Genetic Opera Fanfics so here is one.
Face Time With Pavi Largo  by SupernaturalAngel67
Face Time With Pavi Largo by Samantha McMillan
Things between Pavi and Bella are growing closer. Amber is happy for them and a very jealous Luigi plots revenge by selling Pavi to a freak show after faking his brother...
A Little Glass Vial and an Ice Cold Scalpel by paintyourpallet
A Little Glass Vial and an Ice paintyourpallet
Repo The Genetic Opera AU! Paviche is only sixteen here and this is before the whole wearing faces thing.
Within My Heart - Shilo Wallace/Eric Draven by tattooedcorpse
Within My Heart - Shilo Wallace/ tattooedcorpse
What happens when a vigilante crosses paths with a vulnerable girl shielded from the world? Drugged immorally by her father who lives a double-life with skeletons in his...
What Could Have Been by pascal-the-pup
What Could Have Beenby pascal-the-pup
What would have happened if Shilo hadn't interrupted Nathan and Mag during 'Everyone's A Composer? What could have changed if Nathan had decided to shelter Mag from Gene...
Lullaby for a Sadist by tattooedcorpse
Lullaby for a Sadistby tattooedcorpse
How will Shilo and Eric make up after a fight?
Not All Who Wander Are Lost by Irhaboggles
Not All Who Wander Are Lostby Irhaboggles
After Mag makes her choice to spend eternity in Limbo, in a state of endless restlessness, how will she spend all of her time? Surely there's more to it than roaming an...
The Joker vs The Crow by tattooedcorpse
The Joker vs The Crowby tattooedcorpse
Two women bear witness to a frantic fight by two men in a manic mindset. One is a vigilante set on vengeance with a vendetta against the world for murdering him and his...
Living Out A Lie by SupernaturalAngel67
Living Out A Lieby Samantha McMillan
It's been six years after the events of Repo! The Genetic Opera. Pavi Largo is presumed dead, Bella believes him to be gone and remarries Luigi while raising her 6-year...
My House (Shilo/The Crow) by tattooedcorpse
My House (Shilo/The Crow)by tattooedcorpse
Shilo grows tired of The Crow's nightly routines and demands an answer from him. Was he real or a figment of her imagination? She throws him out, but would The Crow acce...
A Worthy Heir by SupernaturalAngel67
A Worthy Heirby Samantha McMillan
The year is 2028, GeneCo was rising in power, Rotti Largo is an expert negotiator who talks his colleague and friend Stefano Antonucci to sign his newborn daughter Bella...
So this story will be based off of the movie repo the genetic opera I had gotten this idea last night so I wanted to see how it goes. Plus my oc's name is Shilo because...
Superstar by Irhaboggles
Superstarby Irhaboggles
Even though Shilo is confined to her bedroom, it is still her greatest dream and goal to meet her celebrity crush, Blind Mag, in person, and she is sure that, one day, s...
Nighttime Blues by Irhaboggles
Nighttime Bluesby Irhaboggles
Every night, Marni is bombarded with little bouts of anxiety. Every night, Mag sits patiently and quietly by her side and they wait for the sunrise. Together. And then...
All Bark But No Lungs by SupernaturalAngel67
All Bark But No Lungsby Samantha McMillan
Bella is put on Zydrate while giving birth to her triplet daughters and doesn't recall Rotti leaving them in Luigi's care.. but she does remember them-- and their birth...
Go go go Graverobber by tattooedcorpse
Go go go Graverobberby tattooedcorpse
Especially for Jessica Jenkins. ^_^