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Isabella's Stepsister, His Imprint (Seth Clearwater)  by cumbxby
Isabella's Stepsister, His mistake
(UNDER EDITING.) Celeste Dwyer is the step sister of Isabella Swan. They both hate each other though Celeste didn't hate Bella at first. Infact she tried to be Isabella...
Blood and pomegranates by Cherrybomb9824
Blood and pomegranatesby Cherrybomb9824
You all know the story of Hades and Persephone, right? Wrong. That story is based on the love story of T'Challa and Alessia Swan. Basically I just miss Chadwick and with...
The Swan goddess  by Cherrybomb9824
The Swan goddess by Cherrybomb9824
I was reborn in Twilight as Bella's fraternal twin and somehow became an avenger with a asgardian prince for a husband. My name is Freya-Giada Helena Swan and this is my...
Prim Of Roses (Edward Cullen)  by cumbxby
Prim Of Roses (Edward Cullen) by mistake
(NEEDS TO BE EDITED.) **An Edward Cullen short story.** Primrose Knox is the daughter of Phil Dwyer and Luna Knox. Luna sadly died when Primrose was ten, due to breast...
Don't blame me  by Cherrybomb9824
Don't blame me by Cherrybomb9824
Molly Roxanne Dwyer is Phil Dwyer and Tatiana Dwyer's only daughter. After finding out that her husband was having an affair with Renee Swan, Tatiana divorced him. Unf...
Bella's Baby gamer sister by Cherrybomb9824
Bella's Baby gamer sisterby Cherrybomb9824
Bella's baby sister attends her wedding after not seeing her since she got back with Dickward-- I mean Edward. In doing so she accidentally enters the supernatural world...
I'm not Bella! by Cherrybomb9824
I'm not Bella!by Cherrybomb9824
Rebecca "Becca" Anne Swan was Bella Swan's Twin sister, but that changed when she was adopted by Renee's twin sister Vanessa Fisk. Becca changed her name to Ev...
Cinderella Swan by Cherrybomb9824
Cinderella Swanby Cherrybomb9824
Cinderella Anne Swan is the younger sister of Isabella Marie Swan. Cinder is different from Bella as she tends to get to be up in the clouds or 'lost amongst the stars'...
Dark Angel | Twilight by QueenDann1
Dark Angel | Twilightby JessieA
Twilight OC x OC x OC Warning: this story will contain swear words, violence, bellabashing, reneebashing, sexual content Disclaimer: I only own Peyton, Matt and Rylee...
Broken (Volturi Kings) by CherryB76
Broken (Volturi Kings)by ꧁𝓚𝓪𝓲꧂
"I need to remember how to feel." Volturi Kings x Male OC
His New Dawn (An Edward Cullen Love Story) by SerenaChintalapati
His New Dawn (An Edward Cullen Serena Chintalapati
Ember and AJ have been raised by their single mother since their father left them to be with another woman, Renee. Charlie had left them because according to Renee, she...
The Angelic and Devilish Swan by Cherrybomb9824
The Angelic and Devilish Swanby Cherrybomb9824
Carman Empusa Swan. The other daughter of Charlie and Renee Swan and Bella's fraternal twin sister. Carman is quiet and often seen as the silent beauty of the Swan famil...
Luna of the Rez by BellatrixDreamer
Luna of the Rezby Bellatrix Dreamer
Renee, Bella and the Cullen's hate her. Because of who her mates are.
The Wanted Outcast. by AngelaDay3
The Wanted Angela Day
This is a BellaBashing story. I do not own Twilight except Erin and her story. All rights go to Stephenie Meyer. Also a crossover with TO and TVD. Erin Swan was an outc...