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Rejected Revenge  by kristentaylor16
Rejected Revenge by Kristen Oldham
"I assure you I'm not going anywhere until I get what I want." I gulped again. "And what is that?" "Why don't I just show you?" He asked me...
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A Never Noticed Mate by ElsaQuinn
A Never Noticed Mateby ElsaQuinn
REJECTION That's the one word that everyone's fears. A feeling that could even make the strongest cry. In this cruel and selfish world no one one wants to be ignored or...
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Rejection Broke Her by OfficiallyAmused
Rejection Broke Herby OfficiallyAmused
(COMPLETED) * "Look, Mavis, you're a beautiful girl with lots of potential and I'm so sorry about this but I reject you, Mavis Anders, as my mate." My bo...
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My Second Chance Mate{COMPLETED} by thatgirlkawai
My Second Chance Mate{COMPLETED}by 🦋
Zara Lux has a hard life. Being secretly abused by her brother and the rest of the school, being left by their father when they were only young, she's always thought abo...
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Human by capensis
Humanby capensis
Aubrey Denis is a human raised in a town of werewolves and as such, has developed a...distaste for their lifestyle. Running naked through the forest and eating Bambi are...
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My rejected Assassin  by Littlest_Mikealson15
My rejected Assassin by Little wolf
Hayley BloodFallen is a shy and awkward girl. Or so people thought. She goes to an all werewolf school, everyone mistreats her when her pack isn't looking. She is from...
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Confessions of an Omega by Harmless
Confessions of an Omegaby meg
Cathy is the omega of the Shade Pack; the runt, the failure, the disappointment. Things are never going to change- or so she thinks. A rogue pack is discovered trespa...
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Rejected and Rare by ItssJennii
Rejected and Rareby REJECTED AND RARE
Crystal White is an omega in her pack. She is bullied because she is blamed for her parents death. She is also bullied because she has not shifted and she is 15, when e...
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The Alpha's Unknown Sons by Miss2005Kamba
The Alpha's Unknown Sonsby Miss2005Kamba
Addison left her life and family behind 18 years ago when her mate rejected her after mating with her for another woman. Now her twin sons are back to get justice for...
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Rejected mate (jikook) by bbyteddybearz
Rejected mate (jikook)by bbyteddybearz
"I Jeon Jungkook alpha of the winter moon pack reject you park jimin as my mate" in which jeon jungkook finds out that jimin is his mate and rejects him, jimin...
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Behind Crimson Eyes by ruyawrites
Behind Crimson Eyesby Ruya
WEREWOLF/ FANTASY **COMPLETED** "I, Peter Hale, soon to be Alpha, reject Ruby Johnson as my mate and future Luna. You are weak and not worthy of being my mate and t...
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Rejected mate| Jungkook FF by Diamondgirl3
Rejected mate| Jungkook FFby Dani
Book cover not mine,credits to Aaru250. Kim hyerim was a weak werewolf. She always loved the idea of having a mate but when her sixteen birthday comes and finds her mate...
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The Kings Assassin (The deadly mate). by hazenight1
The Kings Assassin (The deadly hazenight1
What happens when a polite dominant prince meets his mate; a loud, equally as dominant rebel? Full on war. Phoenix and the gang of rebels wanted the Prince dead. So, w...
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Rejected But Now Im Back And Better Than Ever😱😍 by BTS_LOVE_FOREVA
Rejected But Now Im Back And Ciara Michelle
Sabrina is in the ClearWater Pack and is bullied by everyone she thinks when she finds her mate he is going to be the one that will change that what happens when she fin...
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Not that easy by lovero16
Not that easyby anna elizabeth jordan
They beat me My mate rejected me I left them in the dust That doesn't mean I want them dead But I'm different I have changed Pay back is on its way
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Rise of The Hybrids by jaydenxxcook
Rise of The Hybridsby jaydenxxcook
After Hazel's mate rejects her she runs away only to find out that she is pregnant. She raises her children before returning to her mates pack seventeen years later but...
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Not just a rejected mate by BubblegumFairyfloss
Not just a rejected mateby Jessica
"You did it, you really did it"the girl said keeping her face void of emotion but unable to stop the crack in her voice. Oh hi, so I should probably explain wh...
The Alphas Rejected Daughter by CeanaSteinbrecher
The Alphas Rejected Daughterby Ceana Steinbrecher
When Casey Brentley of the Stella Luna pack thinks about her 16th birthday, she expects it to be as she was told in all the stories from other women in the pack, her mot...
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dimitry's love by helenapeenia
dimitry's loveby 𝐭𝐚𝐲𝐥𝐨𝐫 ♡
"i'll never hurt you again, i'm so sorry angel" his eyes bore into hers, his obsidian eyes full of tears while looking at his mate, the one he rejected all tho...
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The Alpha's Rejected Mate by BlissHime
The Alpha's Rejected Mateby Joy Bliss
He is feared by all packs. He is known to be the most powerful among all alphas. He is someone you won't dare to disappoint. She's as carefree as a bird. She grew up kn...