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Childish| Criminal Minds  by entroqy
Childish| Criminal Minds by ky
What if the members of the BAU went to high school together? ✔️ 1 in #jeid <3
Family Jewels  by radteens
Family Jewels by only writing DD
Yasmeen Amari is a street rat. Much like the famous Arabian Nights tale, she is the modern day Aladdin. Well, without the magic lamp, flying carpet, and talking monkey s...
The Wolf and the Butterfly by kathrine580
The Wolf and the Butterflyby Hi...
this is just a book version of my desired reality :) lol don't hate I'm not good at english so if your here thinking I'm good at english I'm not there are some spicy p...
Lab 421 by buggyboo1356
Lab 421by spicy_matcha_
Krista never asked for it to be like this. She never asked for her life to be monitored 24/7. She never wanted to be the "daughter" of a crazed scientist. But...
Incorrect Mitsukou quotes/incorrect tbhk by NewStar_NewStart
Incorrect Mitsukou quotes/incorrec...by star
Yeah I wrote this at 3:00am. Why? Screw you that's why
My Zodiac Lover {Yuki Sohma x reader} by itzzz_mctrashy
My Zodiac Lover {Yuki Sohma x read...by Currently on break~
You are the Dragon zodiac. You tend to push people away but if you want something you are relentless. You are a special case you weren't born on the year of the dragon...
Dementor's Kiss by thefamilyfandom
Dementor's Kissby thefamilyfandom
Remy x linguini (lemon) by ArtificialVampire
Remy x linguini (lemon)by 🃏
Remmy and linguini have been friends for awhile now, but little did either of them realize that they might like each other more than just that..
From Now On // wolfstar texting au [ UNDER CUSTRUCTION] by greenspacedust_
From Now On // wolfstar texting au...by ☾Pidgey
FROM NOW ON - To get away from the first wizarding war, James, Lily, Remus, Sirius, and Peter all go to live in the muggle world. Lives are lost, feelings are hurt, rela...
Love Letters by TookieLoo420
Love Lettersby TookieLoo420
umm I'm sorry for this disgrace I have been wanting to make a kagehina fan fic for a while and I was bored so this sorta just happened but..I can assure you one thing it...
Adoptables by DawntheHybrid
Adoptablesby Moonshadow Elf
Adopt a cutie to take care of!
Jurassic by ElizaDuivenvoorde
Jurassicby Elizabeth Duivenvoorde
Follow Violet, a young velociraptor, and her journey to survive in a park that wants nothing more than to run tests on her. Violet and her sisters hatched six months af...
Remy x Linguini  by seasonalella
Remy x Linguini by seasonalella
GOD Ratatouille is hot. This is not particularly inappropriate, nor is it illegal, like the princess and the frog.
DYNASTY by mihrisahsultana
DYNASTYby mihrisahsultana
Story about lives in Ottoman Empire and some of its most powerful people. Story how women manipulated and ruled the Empire.
Ratatouille x Rat!Reader by TinOwO
Ratatouille x Rat!Readerby Tino
You'l go on a fun adventure :)
Tax Fraud With Risotto  by jojo_trash__
Tax Fraud With Risotto by jojo_trash__
Rissoto commits Tax Fraud along with getting into some other antics. *Sequel to Tax Evasion With Melone*
Fyodor x Reader || Fluff  by Sallyfacee
Fyodor x Reader || Fluff by ᒪOᔕT ᖴᗩᑕE
You like spend time with fyodor-
Percy Jackson Meet The Underland by samuelj21
Percy Jackson Meet The Underlandby Samuel Jacobitz
After the war with Tara, all was well. For 4 years Percy had a wonderful life. But when his brother came to camp and everything changed. Matt Robenson. I want to kill...
Jackworths third grade horror by dabis_wifejk
Jackworths third grade horrorby dabis_wifejk
This story is about a boy named Jackworth who has a pretty messed up life
3 weeks with the ghost in these walls. by im_a_pest_
3 weeks with the ghost in these wa...by im_a_pest_
After moving into a new house, y/n encounters a ghost. Now she has three weeks with this thing. Three weeks and that's it. Also I love it when y'all comment, so please d...