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A Very Special Hour by moniqueearg
A Very Special Hourby Monique Airish
Love for an hour? Is that possible? ••••• I wish a hundred thousand hours for us, but it was too late. Yet, I am glad that we confessed our feelings to each other withou...
Pluviophile by winternightstulip
Pluviophileby 「 ᜇ̵ᜁ̃ᜈᜒ 」
Pluviophile || 수롱 "Who knew that out of all the places, I'd meet my first love in the rain?" [BOOK 1 of The Phile Series] {Copyright 2016 © Story belongs to @s...
2.1 • Each A Little Lost by pourmesomelove
2.1 • Each A Little Lostby 𝚊 𝚗 𝚐 𝚎 𝚕
❝I painted a picture of the memories we made, and kept it as a keepsake for when our love would fade.❞ ❝You wrote your name on my heart, and left your mark in places I c...
Dear universe by Hallucitoxin
Dear universeby Hallucitoxin
Dear universe, This is everything I did not say
Pluviophile by ycllaire
Pluviophileby dayum
"I sadly smiled, looking at the drops of rain against the window. I had a good time loving the rain..." - Vienna Enaj Rius ** THIS IS A ONESHOT WRITTEN IN BO...
Rain (A Jungkook fanfic) by ridiculouslyxmyg
Rain (A Jungkook fanfic)by ZARIA
"Why do you like rain so much?" Jungkook asked while tilting his head in curiosity. "I guess it just helped me drown out all my worries and replaced them...
She who loved the rain. by SecretEugene
She who loved the Redc
"And at that moment, under the gloomy, pouring rain, I saw the brightest smile I have ever seen." - Luke Clive xxx "It was just a glance, but I swear I sa...
Raindrops Can Stab Someone's Heart (On-Going)  by LunaticMoon14
Raindrops Can Stab Someone's SavageLuna
Reign, a 17 year old student who decided to part her way to discover more and to be free somehow. She left her country and continued her journey in a beautiful paradise...
My Silent Cry (THE RAIN) by Ms_Rainqueen
My Silent Cry (THE RAIN)by Lady_pluviophile
Steff, a rich women who came from the family of Roa's which happened to lost her memories 10 years ago meet Ken, a man looking for the women he loved way back then. A jo...
Pluviophile by introvertt
Pluviophileby Phoebe Chloe
It was a rainy day, in New York no less. One held a cup of coffee, wishing for the rain to stop. One held a hand full of old books, savouring the moment. short story #98...
april rain || kaminari denki ✔ by lavanderstone
april rain || kaminari denki ✔by Siiiiiimp~
"they fell in love again in april rain" +bnha +kaminari x nonbinary oc +rain dates
პლუვიოფილი ✓K.J by charmantedemone
პლუვიოფილი ✓K.Jby 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐦𝐞𝐧
ადამიანი რომელსაც დღემდე სწამს რომ ცას მისი ესმის.
Pluviophile {Yoonseok} by tigerkth_
Pluviophile {Yoonseok}by tigerkth_
''Why are you crying?'' ''I-I...missed the rain!'' When Yoongi is a Pluviophile and feels the need to be outside every time it's raining outside and meets a boy named Ho...
Her Smile Under the Raindrops by MidnixghtMoon
Her Smile Under the Raindropsby Cursed Thin
Meet Xyrus Kail Moriones ang taong may malaking galit at inis na nararamdaman tuwing sumasapit ang Tag-ulan/ulan. Sa tulong ng kanyang tatlong pilyong kaibigan na sina E...
PLUVIOPHILE GIRL by larosesukmahayati
ketika orang lain mencari tempat untuk berteduh tetapi pluviophile akan melompat ke tengah hujan tanpa memperdulikan apapun.Hujan memang bisa membawa ke tenangan bagi se...
Pluviophile by DelicateDreaming
Pluviophileby Macy Love
Pluviophile; a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and a peace of mind during rainy days.
sunflower by tearinmyliterature
sunflowerby MkM
"poetry is easier than other forms of prose, it's about the way things feel, that the thorns don't ruin the rose" ... a book of poetry inspired by people I lov...
pluviophile by Mcurry101
pluviophileby Mørgie
pluviophile (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days