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I'm Ready For Tommorrow, Tommorrow Starts Today by MB-143
I'm Ready For Tommorrow, MB-143
Ricky and Landry are happily married with a son named Asher Jonah Angel-Garcia who attends at middle school. He starts to develop a crush on a girl named Peyton Elizabet...
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Why? by lucklasts
Why?by Maanya Chaturvedi
Peyton Elizabeth Lee has been in love with her co-star Asher Angel since they met. But he has a seemingly perfect girlfriend, Annie Leblanc. This is a story from Peyton'...
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f r e e f a l l ~> jenzie by vloggergrace
f r e e f a l l ~> jenzieby GRACE
"don't you get it? whenever i'm with you i'm stuck in a freefall! and i want out." "i can't keep choosing you but to hell with what my mind thinks."...
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Friendship turn to love by Myshipsaresailingyas
Friendship turn to loveby Myshipsaresailingyas
Annie is popular and has a boyfriend named Hayden but then something happens and Asher is the second most popular boy and he has a girlfriend named Peyton and something...
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life is a mystery | ashannie by leblancedition
life is a mystery | ashannieby - kate -
in which a girl runs away with a criminal that she didn't know was responsible for attaway's biggest and most serious crimes. {lowercase intended} started : 4/22/19 last...
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that's what your loves like by miriannaluvstyrus
that's what your loves likeby miriannaluvstyrus
it's a love triangle and asher loves peytin and he also loves josh :/ and josh likes asher but then luke comes in and makes it better!!! it sounds better than it is i pr...
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ASHER & PEYTON LOVE STORY by eden28490220030
ASHER & PEYTON LOVE STORYby eden28490220030
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Jumper  by maxthegaykid
Jumper by maxthegaykid
just read. I may put a description later but I'm to lazy at the moment.
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love me till im me again | tyrus by suckmymfcock
love me till im me again | tyrusby abz
[editing] ~im a loser baby nothing's gonna change me i would rather you be lame with me. you touch me, my collectibles your hugs will be my edibles your kisses get me so...
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