Parentless Stories

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Coldness by Everythingiwanttobe
Coldnessby Everythingiwanttobe
"Jeez you must be freezing!! Jump in!" He told her. He was worried. She wasn't used to that. "Thank you." She barely whispered out. Her voice was low...
Santana Family Drama by suqargloss
Santana Family Dramaby 𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐄𝐋𝐈𝐂𝐀™
Catalina, Cristina, and Claudio enter their first year of high school. Both Catalina and Cristina have high hopes of finding a boyfriend. Only problem... they're not all...
Fallen Angel by xSiriusxBlxckx
Fallen Angelby x.Stippy.x
Grace is a young girl who finds that she is placed in many situations where she feels like she will never get out of them. She solves her problems by running in her room...
Bloody Ties by nearlycomatose
Bloody Tiesby nearlycomatose
It is a cruel world indeed that ties Amerie so completely to a family she despises. She must protect the thin veneer of civility with her life in order to maintain her...
When YOU trust a BOY.. by CraZyGirL_002
When YOU trust a CraZyGirL_002
warning: Not usual girl meets boy , they fall in love , they fight their differences and live happily ever after kind of cliché story. Heartbroken by Greg Daniels , Le...
Badass Mute Mate by luvmelikethewind
Badass Mute Mateby luvmelikethewind
I like that I'm part vampire. I like that I'm part werewolf. I like that I'm part demon. I like that I'm mute. I like that people know I'm a mix, but don't know my pe...
You have no idea by chelvetis
You have no ideaby chelvetis
Saria attends college like a normal girl. Normal friends, hobbies but is she really normal. What is she hiding from everyone. Will it ruin everything and put her and her...
Rooftops by imesgotokstories
Rooftopsby imesgotokstories
Just a kid who flies through the sky on the rooftops. What could go wrong?
A Love That A Grandmother Gives by Kyouskei_Hikari
A Love That A Grandmother Givesby Kurochinn
A 15 year old boy who lost his parents because of the accident that occured 10 years ago and, now lived with his grandmother, that is currently 66 years old. His grandmo...
Orphaned by Jami55_
Orphanedby Jami
Follow the story of a 6 year old girl who looses her parents in a tragic way and is moved into an orphanage. will she be adopted?
SUSPECTS || unedited by rapidparadiseEE
SUSPECTS || uneditedby Lindsey
Amanda Anderson had a rather mundane childhood up until the middle of her senior year of high school. Her mother packed her bags and left with her new boyfriend without...
Run by wolfgang422
Runby Wolfgang
Jordan is a young teen. Her parents died at a young age. She was sent to an orphanage, but hated it there. So she ran away and had no choice, but to steal.
Choose Wisely by xXMehXx
Choose Wiselyby xXLookAtMeNowXx
Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you want them to. That’s just how life works ultimately. The way things turn out is decided by fate and we have to learn to accep...
The Music of Love by WitchInGryffindor
The Music of Loveby Belle Green
Teenage girl Aria is accepted by a new band to be their backup musician, mixing engineer, and manager. The task is very simple, don't screw up at the job, accomplish her...
I Can't Love by Short_Stuff_24
I Can't Loveby Short_Stuff_24
23 year old, Kana Hake is a drop out, living in her dead parents house. She was born different. Maybe it's because her dad was Satan himself or maybe because she watched...
The Bet And The Bad Girl by WaffleBear123
The Bet And The Bad Girlby WaffleBear123
Echo is a mysterious bad girl that has a secret hobby and has to raise her little brother... What happens when the schools bad boy shows a sudden interest in her? Seems...
Taken At 17 by OreoNinja44
Taken At 17by Jordy :3
Just an ordinary girl named Kassie has her life dramatically changed when her mother is killed, she is Taken and she meets her idols the Janoskians.
Bad boy Beaches and a Boarding school. by 07elf07
Bad boy Beaches and a Boarding 07elf07
Riley Walters is an eighteen year old student that attends sandstone boarding school on the shore of sandstone harbour. Her parents abused and neglected her as a child r...