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Broken  by VerySpecialSnowflake
Broken by a writer™
Stanford Pines is a broken man; this much he knew about himself. As he sits alone, sulking in the Shack he'd always wanted, a stranger arrives at his doorstep.
Two Stans Fall Under [Book One] [Gravity Falls/UnderTale] by ColorsFeelSoRight
Two Stans Fall Under [Book One] [G...by Babs
The original Mystery Twins wander Glass Shard Beach on a daily basis, looking for adventure. They weren't expecting to actually find something. When their voyage goes d...
Two Stanleys are better than One by KingsofNewJersey
Two Stanleys are better than Oneby Coral Roper
A bizarre event on the Stan O'War II occurs (yes, more bizarre than usual). Namely, a portal opens. But this time, nobody gets sucked through. And the one who comes i...