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Here's My Heart by Yi-123456
Here's My Heartby Yi-123456
Everyday a farmer's son Jisung goes up the hill to watch the crown prince Zhong. When the crown prince was accused and on the run, peasant Jisung is the only one who bel...
Friended | Nomin  by nominstanz
Friended | Nomin by •Nomin•
Jaemin has abusive parents and is trying to find the will to keep living. Jeno is popular at school and always seems happy but really he is just masking the pain of losi...
Number Neighbor ➳ Nomin by Jimais_Vu
Number Neighbor ➳ Nominby Red Sus
Lee Jeno x Na Jaemin ~Hi 😊 ~Who's this? ~I'm your number neighbor. Our phone numbers are almost exactly the same, except the last digit is off by just one number. ~Yeah...
ChenSung|Flutter by Yi-123456
ChenSung|Flutterby Yi-123456
A serial killer is on the lose... Can their love be enough to protect each other? What happens when an entomologist Chenle meets a forensic pathologist Jisung? Will they...
home | nomin by kpop_forlife2-0
home | nominby bella
im going to my house never home...
command || nomin by starrynomin
command || nominby 𝐑𝐉 & 𝐂𝐉
[completed] "Do what I say or else you'll get punished." "Ooh, kinky." In the eyes of many, Lee Jeno is known for his cold demeanor and intimidating...
sytem dewa  by beakyeol589
sytem dewa by beakyeol589
lee jeno seorang mafia yg ditakuti ,kejam,dingin dan cerdas dari abad 21 yg gugur saat perang melawan seorang mafia dari eropa lalu dia bereinkarnasi ke dunia dimana yan...
Royal Romance | Nomin by taeilverse
Royal Romance | Nominby 🌙 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚕𝚢_𝚖𝚘𝚘𝚗 🌙
When Jaemin's sister run's away with another prince, the Na family is in crises. That's when they decide to give Jaemin up as a princess and marry Price Jeno in- place o...
cupid and the matchbreaker: chensung by drxcoboi
cupid and the matchbreaker: @fivestar
a cupid and a match-breaker fall in love with each other
𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐜𝐤 | markhyuck ☏ by sincerelyseo
𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐜𝐤 | markhyuck ☏by 𝐑𝐀𝐄
↳ ❝ i'll always love you more . ❞ ↳ in which donghyuck is stuck on mark lee like a sticker . - this is a miniature continuation of my nomin work "stickers", a...
dilan 2020 by dirgainjunie
dilan 2020by dirga alexander
famous karna uwu ama cp lu itu hal tergoblok kek lu berdua -dilan dilan stop!! -someone sudah! -someone Stop! -someone Plis jangan tinggalin aku hiks -someone Lu rebut...
New kid - heamark <3 by lovelynctzen
New kid - heamark <3by ✩𝕫𝕠𝕖𝕪☆
A heamark story Mark was a new transfer student, and heachan may have a crush on him (sorry if there is any bad grammar , English is not my first Language so. This is al...
innocence ~ chensung by CHITTLOVEBOT
innocence ~ chensungby 🌱🧃🥐🧸
NORENMIN SIDE SHIP (takes up a good part of the story) "oh, young love"
Kidnapped by NaJenoooooo
Kidnappedby Baby Jeno
One day Lucas and Mark were out shopping and Lucas gets kidnapped. How will they find him? Who kidnapped him?
(s)he's hot | NOMIN by blaireclaireson
(s)he's hot | NOMINby blaireclaireson
This Romeo wanted a Juliet, but now he got himself another Romeo instead.
Once Upon a Time: The Journey by fullmoon_hyuck55
Once Upon a Time: The Journeyby fullmoon
SEQUEL to Once Upon a Time Finding Jaemin is an impossible thing to do. After months, he's still nowhere which makes Donghyuck wonder if his best friend is still alive...
When the morning comes | NCT DREAM  by blaireclaireson
When the morning comes | NCT DREAM by blaireclaireson
A group of teens from different cliques come together to spend a night which will change them forever inspired by lkaine on tiktok
Fiction || Nomin  by BEAUTAEFULCHERRY
Fiction || Nomin by CHERRY
《Nomin》 《Short story》 ❝Don't hold yourself back. Get that guy! ❞ ✍ Contains Boy's love. If you're uncomfortable or homophobic please skip. ✍purely fiction. Idols are por...
The Cupid Prophecy by April_girl02
The Cupid Prophecyby April_girl02
Chanbaek fanfic! Percy Jackson au from my oneshot book!