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 Lost Poems by CamronsCult
Lost Poemsby Yūng Sāndwīch
Poems Are Based On How I Feel At The Moment Sooo. Enjoy 😉
The Dreamer With The Sad Eyes by Lowercase_Guy03
The Dreamer With The Sad Eyesby Grayson Noir
The Dreamer with the sad eyes is a story about me and my life and everything I've been through. As a person in the hopes you can learn from my story and not do the thing...
My Second Love by sakinasakina2002
My Second Loveby sakinasakina2002
A lot of people never forget their first love, but young school girl Chantelle never lost grip of her second.
Chance Encounter by Shyyyyy_15
Chance Encounterby Miss_S
I did'nt know I did a lot of that.
Quotes  by Phoenix_Rein36
Quotes by Phoenix
There just different quotes I enjoy
Poetry Collection by crazycrash88
Poetry Collectionby Crash
Bits and pieces. Compilation of old and new.
love at first sight by caelin62
love at first sightby Brandy lane
Do you believin love at first sight
My all by Lawlarhmercy1
My allby Lawlarhmercy1
Ashley is a girl struggling to find herself in the world, torn between her parents reality and her self discovery journey. She pushes everyone away. As she grows older w...
Opposites by larry-stylinson09
Oppositesby Larry Forever
Две противоположности казват привличали се... Училищния проект ги сближава и стават нещо повече от само съученици..