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The Cheerleader Falls For The Drummer Girl by GreyThoughts13
The Cheerleader Falls For The CrazyGirl
The title says it all. Kallie- the cheerleader- falls for Rebekka- the drummer girl. Blonde starts a fight, the brunette must leave. Kallie fails math, Rebekka has to tu...
The Max Effect by 70EricaLanger
The Max Effectby Eric Langer
Max runs a successful business, works out, loves the outdoors and mountain biking. She works hard and plays hard! She lost her job in the C.S.A a secret security servic...
Lips by redhairedotaku32
Lipsby redhairedotaku32
Soft 1. easy to mold, cut, compress, or fold; not hard or firm to the touch. Or 2. sympathetic, lenient, or compassionate, especially to a degree perceived as excessive;...
Memories - p.j [a bts fanfiction] by pineabblefewd
Memories - p.j [a bts fanfiction]by PineAbbles
"Remember me as a memory." Where there are 'hellos' there are 'goodbyes'.
A Tomboy's Jewel by ArnorianRuby
A Tomboy's Jewelby ArnorianRuby
Tomboys are fucking awesome, so...why not?
Blacksmith Girl Tales by supergalstories
Blacksmith Girl Talesby supergalstories
Molding metal makes a gal pretty tough.