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Abused and Unwanted by goodgirlcarrieu
Abused and Unwantedby cmu
Grace is 13 years old with a 6 month old baby brother. As she struggles with getting away from an abusive father and a mother that is never there, she runs into Carrie U...
Kingdom by queencarriee
Kingdomby Carrie Underwood
it's been long days of leanin on faith, even when we have our doubts
Our Love Will Light The Way / Fisherwood by totallyfisherwood
Our Love Will Light The Way / Fish...by totallyfisherwood
What if when Mike and Carrie had met, one of them was unavailable. Would either of them realise their feelings for each other? Or would they both live their lives wishin...
A Place For Us by queencarriee
A Place For Usby Carrie Underwood
if it's meant to be, it will be
Fix You by Armyofangels12
Fix Youby Armyofangels12
Mike Fisher is a no good party person who is only interested in alcohol and women. When he meets Carrie Underwood, is he tempted to change? Is Carrie up to helping fix w...
Darling Look At Me Fanfic by carriespartybus
Darling Look At Me Fanficby carriespartybus
just your daily dose of Fisherwood feels in fanfic form
Neighbors by Armyofangels12
Neighborsby Armyofangels12
Fisherwood fanfic
Celebrity facts by AlyssaBartel
Celebrity factsby Alyssa Bartel
A lot of us fans want to know more about our favorite celebrities. While I might not have exactly what you want or every thing that you want, I'm pretty sure I have fact...
The One by elliecarter96
The Oneby Elena
Mike Fisher, an NHL Superstar, found a lot of success on the ice but off the ice things weren't as great. He couldn't seem to find a girl that made him truly happy. Most...
Runaways by Armyofangels12
Runawaysby Armyofangels12
Mike and Carrie fight constantly, and with two teenagers living in the house, it isn't a healthy living environment. What happens when Charlotte and Isaiah take Charlott...
All-American Girl by sugarmeltsintherain_
All-American Girlby sugarmeltsintherain_
What happens when Carrie Underwood meets a runaway by a little accident?
Someplace Safe by Armyofangels12
Someplace Safeby Armyofangels12
Mia Jacobs, 16 years old, is a girl from Memphis running away from the foster system after going through rough times over and over again. She's known how to handle thing...
Life Goes On... by carrieunderwood_fan
Life Goes On...by CarrieUnderwood_fan
A story about Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher and how they meet, and overtime fall in love. Through their adventure of love they go through some complications. Read to...
Adopted by Carrie Underwood by fisherwood_
Adopted by Carrie Underwoodby The Fishers
This is a story about a thirteen year old girl who was adopted by Carrie and Mike Fisher. She isn't sure she feels safe with them yet but she is willing to try.
This Is It  by queencarriee
This Is It by Carrie Underwood
there's never a good time to say goodbye
Becoming Fisherwood by fisherwood12
Becoming Fisherwoodby fisherwood.12
Carrie hasn't thought much about dating since her past few ex's relationships with her have been hard. When her bass player Mark wants to introduce her to a guy that he...