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Minecraft YouTuber Mode: A Portal To Mystery [Ep.1] by echo_sparkle
Minecraft YouTuber Mode: A ˗ˏˋEchoˎˊ˗
⚠️ MOVED TO @TwinkleQuill ⚠️ REBOOT COMING JULY 23, 2021 A PORTAL TO MYSTERY. ❝Wait a minute! So you're saying that the White Pumpkin... is one of us?!❞ Continuing their...
genocide by jinxedtodeath
genocideby over at ao3 atm
-Technoblade meets Minecraft Story Mode- Jesse, Petra, Ivor, and Lucas had just made it out the world of Sky Island, only to find that they had no idea which portal led...
Minecraft Story Mode - Head-Cannons and More by MistykalMadness
Minecraft Story Mode - Misty Mimics
A simple book that explains the overly complex head-cannons someone created for a very loved and very missed Telltale Video Game; Minecraft Story Mode. Follow the adven...
Processing... by Nix7303
#4 Nix7303
An episode 7 twist where Jesse has been chipped by P.A.M.A., leaving the rest of the Order to scramble without their friend, without his support. Things quickly get on s...
Jesskas Oneshots by M_Rose12
Jesskas Oneshotsby Sick as Frick!
Lukas X Male Jesse Oneshots. Fluff, boyxboy, angst, hurt-comfort
MCSM Memes: Volume 2 by TRJennings
MCSM Memes: Volume 2by gβ⭐トミーくん
Best rating: [71# in Random, 04/12/2017] More memes?! Seriously Ace... Whatever... these should be funnier than the last one. Cover Page: 206# from Book One
MCSM One Shots (2018-2019) by FanfictionalWarrior
MCSM One Shots (2018-2019)by The Cliffhanger Queen
Check out my newest one shot book for more recently written one shots! A bunch of short stories based on the adventures of Jesse and her friends from Minecraft Storymode...
Withered by Nix7303
Witheredby Nix7303
We all know that Jesse is the hero of Wither Storm battle, the one brave enough to do what needed to be done. The one strong enough to keep pushing no matter what, even...
Mcsm Ask or Dare |Requests Open| by IreneAngel1200
Mcsm Ask or Dare |Requests Open|by IreneAngel1200
Please send in requests or questions! Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of MCSM. They belong to TellTale games! Also, I may do different game characters! NOTHING I...
Who doesn't like oneshots? [ON HOLD]  by Zctym33
Who doesn't like oneshots? [ON Zctym33
So, I've decided to try and write some MCSM oneshots. Because I felt like I needed it, besides, who doesn't like oneshots? Now, I DON'T write lemons. I don't take anymo...
Fire Child by Nix7303
Fire Childby Nix7303
Jesse has saved many people many times. He is the leader of The Order of the Stone, the hero of all, and has been the official mayor of Beacontown for three years. Still...
Concealed - Jesse X Reader: Minecraft Story Mode by glorious_gamer
Concealed - Jesse X Reader: glorious_gamer
I know I'm not what people say I am. I know I'm different from other people. I know I lied to The Order and basically of Beacon Town. But, I'm practically broken from pa...
MCSM T o D by RzrGhost
MCSM T o Dby Drake Ghost Walker
I know there's a lot of this book... but i wanna join the fun too... i do not own minecraft story mode, they are telltale's... - Mjesse will be called jesse - Fjesse wil...
Minecraft Story Mode: One-Shots (Jetra/Lukesse Edition) by TRJennings
Minecraft Story Mode: One-Shots ( gβ⭐トミーくん
It's ALL OTP from this point. Every single one is gonna be full-on Jetra or Lukesse fanfiction! And it's all dedicated to my favourite couples in the fandom! Haters get...
MCSM - Reader Insert - Needs A Title by Fandom-Children-Life
MCSM - Reader Insert - Needs A Hey it's Me!
It's all platonic. Reader is Gender Neutral so everyone can read it if they want.
Minecraft Story Mode Reader Insert by queenofmagic17
Minecraft Story Mode Reader Insertby boop
MCSM: Ghost of Her Past [COMPLETED] by stardoesnthaveaname
MCSM: Ghost of Her Past [COMPLETED]by Heccin ree
Jesse can't sleep. While being haunted by nightmares of Reuben's death, and failing her friends, she is being hunted. She must now find a way to save the world before it...
Together (A Lukesse story) by TheRealCuddlyFox
Together (A Lukesse story)by CuddlyFox
Lukas lives with his family, Lukas parents don't know hes gay. Till he met Jesse and he fell in love and wants to be with him forever. Jesse also loves Lukas but has to...
Skybound [ MCSM Lukas x Reader ] by Red_Puppet_Writer
Skybound [ MCSM Lukas x Reader ]by Red_Puppet_Writer
For as long as you can remember, you've always lived a structured life in the sky, as a gardener. There were many rules that needed to be followed, and only so many thin...
Lukesse One Shots  by ajj221
Lukesse One Shots by 📚
|I've made a one shot book before so why not make another one? Send in requests and I'll do them for you. Same as the other book. Request your Lukesse and I'll write 'em...