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No More Obstacles When I'm With You. | Markus x Reader | by erusenpai
No More Obstacles When I'm With Veru
Alysha Anderson, a daughter of Lt. Hank Anderson, is a complete opposite of her father who hates androids. She, on the other hand, sees more humanity in androids tha...
Detroit: Become Human One Shots by CelestialShadowWolf
Detroit: Become Human One Shotsby Lost in the Stars
One shots involving Connor, Markus, Daniel, Luther, Simon, and Ralph from Detroit: Become Human. They'll mostly be Connor and Markus. I only do M/F, not F/F or M/M. **WA...
Detroit: Become Human |One shots by JandHope
Detroit: Become Human |One shotsby lola
[Requests Closed] I write for the main characters: Markus, Conner, and Kara. Also Includes: × Luther × Kamski × Simon × Daniel × North × Chloe × Ralph × Hank ×...
Requests are closed and there's going to be some angst BTW there's no smut
Addiction // Gavin Reed x Reader by mercurys_virgo
Addiction // Gavin Reed x Readerby mercurys_virgo
"You're welcome to stay the night at my place, if you'd like." What are you doing, Reed? The last time you offered some girl the comfort of your home you- &qu...
Detroit: Become Human One-Shots by Ashes_Vanessa
Detroit: Become Human One-Shotsby Ashes Vanessa Cobe
All the different characters, pairings, scenarios, x reader mostly unless requested otherwise! Requests are open message me with your scenario and pairing! I would gladl...
Alive: to Live is to Love by KeiZiahKnight1886
Alive: to Live is to Loveby Kei Ziah Knight
Androids. Many humans believed that androids were nothing but pieces of plastic and metal, designed to just accomplish tasks and orders that they gave. They believed and...
I Promise (!!Pacifist!! DBH X Reader) BEING REWRITE by Peachy_Nation
I Promise (!!Pacifist!! DBH X Peachy_Nation
✨COMPLETED✨ RE WRIGHT IN PROSESS❗️ (A/T: Who would have thought a "little" girl would be leading a revolution.) .... I was a wedding gift to a family that wor...
Detroit? by LordNighticus
Detroit?by LordNighticus
"Hello Father."| |This is a short story focused on a girl who returns home to her father, an artist who has grown too old to support himself. An Android now he...
Detroit: Become Human one shots/imagines by seabxsstian
Detroit: Become Human one shots/ seabxsstian
Mainly x readers but there might be some ships here an there
Detroit: Become Human oneshots by kofi-bean
Detroit: Become Human oneshotsby UNICORN
Just a bunch of one-shots from Detroit: Become Human. Requests are open!! Only when asked nicely!! nothing more. The cover doesn't belong to me.
Unconquerable Soul (Connor x Reader) by Outraged-writer
Unconquerable Soul (Connor x OutragedA
In which an officer working at the DPD-precinct 8 receives a promotion of a lifetime, becoming a detective. They get what they've wanted for years, but at what cost? Whe...
Detroit: Become Human One-Shots |Open| by wayward-angels
Detroit: Become Human One-Shots | Jacklyn ✨
Due to my recent obsession with this amazing game, I decided to post a one-shots story. The title says it all! Check out the first chapter for more details and the gui...
DETROIT BECOME HUMAN - one shots / imagines / headcannons by aav0idd
Please feel free to message me with requests! I'm open to anything and would love to hear your ideas and feed back. Lots of love <3 Cover: unsure of original artist...
Looks Like I've Fallen For You by Feral4Markus
Looks Like I've Fallen For Youby #1MarkusLover
It was an ordinary day at Cliff Cove Highschool just like any other. So ordinary that Markus, in all of his overthinking, never would've anticipated the flirtiest girl i...
Markus X Reader Fanfiction by markustrain
Markus X Reader Fanfictionby Chloe RT600
Will you be able to resist the charming piano player? Can there be love between a Human and an Android?
Connection by spaced_out_weirdo
Connectionby Bones
This story is a Connor x android suspect. The suspect can be male or female, its written genderless. The suspect android was sent by Markus to make the deviant hunter de...
In The Eye Of The Beholder (Markus×Reader) A Detroit Become Human Fanfic by ShrimpySupports
In The Eye Of The Beholder ( ShrimpySupports
First Story I have ever written on this app I hope you enjoy reading my story and Tell me if there are any mistakes I make and I will fix them! ⚠️Also I will be choosing...