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The Gift. by ShelbyWinds
The ShelbyWinds
When Jesse gets to the sacrifice's glade he is unimpressed with the girl laying on the ground crying. Then his anger is ignited. She doesn't meet the parameters of the s...
The Possessive Creator (Book I) by Kissmeyoufool
The Possessive Creator (Book I)by M. Currie
*Book One in the "Possessive Creator" series* Lucy has been fearfully running from her creator for almost a decade now. How she had gotten the courage to leav...
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Outcast by StormsComing
Outcastby Sarah
"Wait. I want you to keep this." he said and he gently lifted my hair and tied his mother's necklace around my neck. His hand lingered softly at the back of my...
Warriors Oc Maker! ✔️ by Kestrel-Wing
Warriors Oc Maker! ✔️by Kestrel-Wing
Make a full-fledged warriors oc to use in books, rp, and other! All you need is to go on Google and get a random number generator, and make your perfect OC!
Father (Godric x Male Reader) by GryffindorkGranger
Father (Godric x Male Reader)by Gryffin/Zack
What if Eric Northman had a brother? Eric made a deal with Godric when he and his brother were turned. What was this deal?
I Am Reese by sprittals98
I Am Reeseby Starts with an 'A'
Reese has always dreamed of being a YouTube star, but all she's done is make rant videos that she never posts. So when her younger sister finds them and puts them online...
My Beloved Immortal by AlphaLover18
My Beloved Immortalby Abby Davis
"You are to stay away from other guys. I don't want to share what's mine," his red eyes focused on my face. "Yours? Who said I belong to you," I whi...
Make A Warrior Cat OC! by AvaStarHeart
Make A Warrior Cat OC!by Ava
A little OC Maker for your boredom :D
The Love of a Toy Maker (Jason The Toy Maker x OC) by Nikki-Insanity
The Love of a Toy Maker (Jason Kyandisu
Jason the toy maker has had his eye on you for a while. Ever since you were little you had a toy made by him and have taken very good care of it and that has caught his...
[SongFic] All x SangHyeok fanfiction by hideonsenpai
[SongFic] All x SangHyeok con mèo
- Những câu chuyện được lấy cảm hứng từ các bài hát -
New Play Toy ( Jason the toy maker x teen reader ) by JasperMoons
New Play Toy ( Jason the toy JasperMoons
Your an average teenage girl who is ruff and tough you never take anyone's bull. You also have a strong will and a stronger spirit that gets you into a lot a trouble wit...
you as a troublemaker him as your Mafia  husband ( J. Jk) Oneshot by jeon_david_cmh
you as a troublemaker him as Jeon david
Iam bad descriptions so just read it. It's a one shot jungkook x reader Mafia au
Care (Godric) by GryffindorkGranger
Care (Godric)by Gryffin/Zack
"Why should I care? Nothing I could do about it." ---------------------------- "I care about you Kook." --------------------------- "Just becaus...
[ Marin x Faker] [ H văn ] [ Ép Buộc] by Makerfanfic
[ Marin x Faker] [ H văn ] [ Ép Âu Dương Hàn Hàn
Có H, H về làng rồi đây anh em ơi. Chỉ nói như vậy thôi, xin lỗi vì để mọi ng chờ đợi lâu như vậy thôi
Request  by bpbtsbapskzf
Request by Kpop stan
hello guys welcome to the world of Kpop
Blood Lust by V4mpShit
Blood Lustby .
Eric Northam takes an interest in Y/n L/n.
Cheshie's OC Generator!! by SkaiaSalazar
Cheshie's OC Generator!!by Cheshie Michaelis
this is to help you create a character when you can't think of anything yourself. this works best with the app "DnDice", so please look into downloading it! ot...
Story Idea Box by HajimeZero4665
Story Idea Boxby HajimeZero4665
This is where I put all my stories that I'm going to write now or in the future 
Creepypasta facts by Cocoapuff2003
Creepypasta factsby Hardcore Shipper
Facts about creepypasta Highest ranking #411 in horror