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D K B  O N E S H O T S ✓ by dkb_bee
D K B O N E S H O T S ✓by ♡
i love my boys and thats why i write this♡ os every ship ONLY boyxboy ⓓⓐⓘⓛⓨ Ⓤⓟⓓⓐⓣⓔⓢ stream mianhae eOmMa~ i wAnT a sAmSunG~ bAbYgiRL i'M r...
DKB  imagines, reactions and dating doors✨✨  by yuujis_brown_sugar
DKB imagines, reactions and #Black lives matter
Requests are closed sorry requests are taking me too long to make , don't forget to vote, (Slow updates And enjoy reading💘 ❤️✨peace✨❤️
Nice Werewolf Books That Are Completed. by sdazzell
Nice Werewolf Books That Are Cutie Pie
A collection of Werewolf/Romance stories for people like me who love happy endings. : D
Reality Check [ A Doki Doki Fanfiction ] by Total_Idiot
Reality Check [ A Doki Doki Total_Idiot
What if MC wasn't even a player at all? Monika has wished for a route ever since Doki Doki literature Club was created and her wish was granted! Now Monika is the main...
Roses et Canines by BlastEpsilon
Roses et Caninesby Blast Epsilon
(Ancien titre: Les cinq loups) Après le décès de sa mère, Ruby se retrouva seule entre un père violent et alcoolique et une belle-mère cruelle et malveillante. Elle fut...
The Leaves They Left | completed by thepogingoppa
The Leaves They Left | completedby Jozua Patalan
❝Why choose one tea leaf when there's a garden full of a thousand tea leaves❞ [Prosetry Series #4] a collection ...
Love Sick - a Harry June fanfic by DKBsthetic
Love Sick - a Harry June fanficby Jae
What happened When Park Jaehwa, a 15 years old girls, moves all the way from America to Korea alone, just because of her dream of being a kpop idol, and not a romantic r...
Don't Jump, Please. // WooSan by -Kpop_lover-116
Don't Jump, Please. // WooSanby Blbois_md
Wooyoung loves photography and goes to extreme extents to take high quality pictures. One day he decides to go to the tallest building in his new town and meets San. He...
Ethan by Becca0106
Ethanby Becca Lee
Lune Academy. The place where all supernatural species are welcome to train to become a Warrior of the Council, or a Warrior of a Kingdom. Students are put through ten y...
The Cat Returns 2:  Haru x Baron love story fanfic. by mrubenstein
The Cat Returns 2: Haru x Baron M.B.Rubenstein.
This is a simple little fan fake I do not own any of the characters is that the ones that I create in the book so I do not own the cat returns or anything else of the mo...
La Lune des Luna by Sapphos_Lover
La Lune des Lunaby Sapphos_Lover
(Title explained in Intro) Sean is a werewolf of the genus Canis Lupis Dingo, living with his heavily influenced pack in the middle of butt-f*ck nowhere. It's been known...
Something there by espresso_patronum394
Something thereby Evans
"It's so peculiar, wait and see, we'll wait and see a few days more There may be something there that wasn't there before" ...
el fruto de amor by persefonedoll
el fruto de amorby persefone
minos x lune capitulo único
Jaded by TheJadedNight
Jadedby TheJadedNight
( WORK IN PROGRESS) Join Lune and her brothers in their story. Everything is peaceful or so it seems. There is a legend of Darkwings so called villains who were defatted...
FriendZoned (Y.Hc.) by cupofdongil
FriendZoned (Y.Hc.)by Dongil :3
"I'm glad you're my best friend." Best. Friend. ....Great.
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Moonlight by Looking_for_Reality
Moonlightby just call me cute
For a short story contest
Just Be Friend by EnigmaMonster
Just Be Friendby Enigma
Sarah, accompagnée de son fidèle Flamiaou, décide de passer la nuit dans un motel, épuisée par son entrainement de la veille. Elle ne s'attend pas à croiser le chemin du...
Weakest Link by Ems126
Weakest Linkby Ems126
What would you do if you find out that supernatural creatures are real? Werewolves, vampires, witches, all that jazz. Well, Mia Herald handles being thrown into the sup...
The Cat Returns 2 by Mint_Majesty
The Cat Returns 2by Mint_Majesty
Haru Yoshioka returns the cat kingdom to visit King Lune and Queen Yuki after a couple of months when she was kidnapped for their wedding. The Baron and Muta will also b...