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Not Another Bloody Prophecy  by YuliaNeal
Not Another Bloody Prophecy by JustAnotherFangirl
Spoilers for "Lucifer" season 5a (Lucifer tv show fan fiction. Obviously, I don't own the rights to any of the characters, I'm simply just borrowing them for t...
Lucifer Imagines by reb1704
Lucifer Imaginesby Robyn :)
Lucifer Imagines! These have all been moved over from Archive Of Our Own, because Virgin Media blocked it, thanks Virgin!
Lucifer x Reader one shots by MuffinTopDeckerstar
Lucifer x Reader one shotsby MuffinTopDeckerstar
~Requests are open~ ~No graphic smut~ ~Possibly some mature language in there~ ~Choose from any of the characters~ ~Y/N will be used (unless you request otherwise)~ ~Any...
A Devilish Hell Of A Romance by CreeperSpeedster
A Devilish Hell Of A Romanceby Luliana
Now to celebrate the International Fanworks Day 2018 I posted this work with the Valentines Day as theme. --- It is Valentines Day in Los Angeles and the devil himself g...
VanHelsing~Prinxiety by PrevailedPrince
VanHelsing~Prinxietyby Roman Relyea
#6~ Creativity (2/22) Virgil Mathews... What is there to say? He's smart. He's strong, agile. He got tight-lips and a sharp-tongue. What else? Oh yeah, He's a two-hundre...
Fever (A Lucifer Sickfic) by starlaxy224
Fever (A Lucifer Sickfic)by Alwaysdreaming
Maybe Lucifer has been spending too much time around the detective. Lucifer discovers that being around Chloe not only makes him vulnerable and able to get hurt, but she...
Burning by mrs_seaweedbrain
Burningby Belle
Lucifer Morningstar is sitting in his stone throne when he gets news. Chloe Decker is in danger. And by none other than his brother, Michael. He's furious and scared...
Driving Lessons by chashkieh
Driving Lessonsby chashkieh
"Don't worry, Mom. I'll be good." "It's not you that I'm worried about." "But Lucifer's an adult," "Erm," The detective cringes i...
♡ Blood and Bones ♡ - 𝓛𝓾𝓬𝓲𝓯𝓮𝓻 by maziiikeeen
♡ Blood and Bones ♡ - 𝓛𝓾𝓬𝓲𝓯𝓮 𝐋𝐮𝐜𝐢𝐟𝐞𝐫 ツ
Just the devil as you know him, dare I say she. Everyone in L.A. knows who Lucifer Morningstar is, hes extremly popular for his selfish, devil like personality. But not...
And The World Caught Their Eyes by Jthmmanson4
And The World Caught Their Eyesby Jthmmanson4
Beliefs. Desires. Blood. What will it take to strengthen Lucifer and Chloe's friendship after a string of deaths? The two will never be the same way again.
You Don't Know Him by SharniBabez
You Don't Know Himby ShoulderHyung
When Lucifer dies Chloe and Amenadiel have a heated talk. Can Chloe's love for him be enough to bring him back?
Not a Bad Thing by chashkieh
Not a Bad Thingby chashkieh
The consultant is irritated with the recent developments of their case and the continued presence of DJ Dingus is proving to be a cog in their budding relationship, or...
Anything not of God is of Satan by chashkieh
Anything not of God is of Satanby chashkieh
Tumblr prompt: Someone, perhaps a preacher or priest, tells Maze that "We are all God's creatures." She makes it clear that no, she is not.
Reset by chashkieh
Resetby chashkieh
Tumblr prompt: Lucifer is deaged to a young fledgling with fluffy, useless wings. He doesn't remember anything and tries to find his Mother, Father, or siblings until he...
Disclosure by chashkieh
Disclosureby chashkieh
S04E06 AU where Lucifer wakes up just in time to hear Chloe's monologue
To Hell and Back by chashkieh
To Hell and Backby chashkieh
A what-if for S01E13
No Sweet Peach by chashkieh
No Sweet Peachby chashkieh
Tumblr Prompt: In his vendetta against Lucifer Michael sets his sight on Ella next. This leads to Azrael reminding her brother(s) that she definitely is no sweet peach...
Say a Little Prayer by chashkieh
Say a Little Prayerby chashkieh
Tumblr prompt: "Oh, clever girl," Lucifer murmurs, ignoring Dan's rant. "The detective's this way." "How could you possibly know that?" Dan...
Stuck by chashkieh
Stuckby chashkieh
Tumblr Prompt: Somewhere mid S-4. During the case Lucifer and Chloe are stuck in a building with no way out for a few days. They have to work together as both are slight...