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Body Dropper                                           (Dazai x Reader x Chuuya) by KarmaTheSimp
Body Karma
Dazai x Fem! Reader x Chuuya 17year old Y/n L/n joins the Port Mafia before being kicked out of her home. Soon she falls in love with two of the executives, just to get...
Vagina checkup  by taenzenia
Vagina checkup by Moon 🌚
TAEHYUNG is a gynaecologist seeing yn he lost control, Yn: ( sweating) you know your dirty talks are more hot than sex. Yn spread her legs Taehyung licked her
The Paid Companion | Herophine by midnightreads97
The Paid Companion | Herophineby Lexie
When Hero Fiennes Tiffin encounters Miss Josephine Langford, the fire in her blue eyes sways him to make a generous offer. And her sorry financial problems-and dreams o...
Foursome sex by taenzenia
Foursome sexby Moon 🌚
Jennie : I want to taste you jk Jk:( hearing her he smirked) Why not 🚫 He put his dick inside her mouth . Jennie: Omo while putting his dick while choking blobbing her...
Gehraiyaan. by nashwritess
#5 nashwritess
After meeting each other, Darshan Raval & Navya Shekhawat realize that they're meant to be more than just friends. But the pain of a lost love, the fear of being heartbr...
Desire Of Ineffable Love by VerliceWrites
Desire Of Ineffable Loveby Tue Verlice
Zayden Barclay, a billionaire and prominent businessman, holds a belief that women use men for personal gain and money. In contrast, Wyetta Relish, a student at a medica...
Makeout Session by PettyCee
Makeout Sessionby petronella chidziva
"Hey, I've been fantasising about making you feel good so how about you close the door and l'll turn off the lights and we can make out".
Scandalous Correspondence | Herophine by midnightreads97
Scandalous Correspondence | Lexie
From a stately country house in Hampshire to the dazzling drawing rooms of London Society comes an exquisite tale of an elfin beauty, a vengeful lord, and a sweet love t...
Not even friends.                                         (Tsukishima x reader.) by Novauhu
Not even Novauhu.
•completed!!• You are Sugawaras half sister who has transferred to Karasuno halfway through the year. As an ex volleyball player, you help Karasuno through their hardest...
Tiktoker smuts/Imagines by ChicagoPdFan08
Tiktoker smuts/Imaginesby ChicagoShows_TikTok
This story will include all the guys on TikTok I think is hot y'all can also request some
Reunited Once Again                                    (Dazai x Reader x Chuuya) by KarmaTheSimp
Reunited Once Karma
Dazai x Fem! Reader x Chuuya 4 years later Executive Y/n L/n is found reliving her past. She reunites with a past lover, and has trouble with her psycho family. But the...
Succession | Herophine by midnightreads97
Succession | Herophineby Lexie
When one is the rightful heir and the other wants everything just for himself. Josephine realised that she was caught in the middle of a succession war.
God Is Unreachable  by Rarestone03
God Is Unreachable by RarestoneFs
707 × Reader Mystic Messenger FF . . . . . . . . . . !! Angst and few heart aching situations !! !! I do not own the cover image !! !! Credits to the original artist !! ...
Recomendaciones De Pokefilia y pokeromia by S4ki__uSlavePokemon
Recomendaciones De Pokefilia y Saki
Aqui hay unas cuantas historias que te podran gustar disponibles aqui en Wattpad
Utopía (Pensamientos Perpetuos III) by TheSirenTarjaa
Utopía (Pensamientos Perpetuos III)by sirena
Tal vez sea un lugar donde no quiero estar. Un lugar donde los infelices duermen con miles de dudas en su sistema, siendo tratados como ficción. Probablemente se trate d...
After The End by thekindsun
After The Endby X
2024 That was the year everything changed. It was a time of great upheaval, of cataclysmic events that shook the very foundations of our world. Some would argue that it...
Detras de lo que se ve. by romsvsa
Detras de lo que se roms
Normalmente cuando vemos a algunas personas y sean cercanos o no, decimos quisiera ser como ell@ ya sea por su dinero,su belleza ,su inteligencia o su relación con las p...
Dance 🌃 night  by taenzenia
Dance 🌃 night by Moon 🌚
Both of them started moving in sync with the music with their both colliding both feeling the music. Yn moving her hips , jimin guiding her hips with his hands. #romance...
Nombres para Historias by CeciGonzlez3
Nombres para Historiasby CeciMin19
Aquí tienen una selección de nombres para sus historias o para lo que quieran escribir. Quizás también, a medida que pase el tiempo, deje ideas aquí para que puedan hac...
Grandes Libros by Alanalv98
Grandes Librosby Alana
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