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Kokichi x Reader (oneshots)                                                      by lesbian0shuichi
Kokichi x Reader (oneshots)...by UltmateGrapRatKinnie
Hey you want some (sometimes) spicy grape rat x reader fan fiction that's very romantic that you barely have time to read? THE YOU FOUND THE PERFECT FANFICTION! (Also i...
FNAF/SL X (animatronic)READER [ONE-SHOTS] by littleredRosie
FNAF/SL X (animatronic)READER [ONE...by littleredRosie
This a oneShot fanfic that will have a lot of characters in it... but there will be lemons and a lot of fluff so please enjoy this and whatever.... FNAF/SL X READER
Love can sometimes fall apart: Scrooge McDuck x Reader (Ducktales)- Sequel by littleredRosie
Love can sometimes fall apart: Scr...by littleredRosie
i hope everybody is still wanting to see more of the two ducks and duck family! because im gonna bring all of you's more of em! and this is gonna be based on what im fee...
The Cowardly Lion (BxB, Moderate Lemons) by BadLifeCh0ices
The Cowardly Lion (BxB, Moderate L...by Regretti Spaghetti
Daryl was a catch and he knew it. After being rejected though, he struggles against a growing insecurity. Who better to approach to deal with that insecurity than me, hi...
Scrooge McDuck & Della Duck: Family Thing  by Zabory
Scrooge McDuck & Della Duck: Famil...by Zabory
Well this is more of an incest type of thing soo...yeah it's gonna be a bit crap because it's written by me...and plz don't hate it cos this is kinda my first time makin...
GEAH: Loveliness and kindness by EXANZY
GEAH: Loveliness and kindnessby EXANZY
(Exclaimer: this is more of a random trash fanfic so this isn't entirely like a fanfic story it's kinda a one shot with different characters) - You have tender love Tend...