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METANOIA || Lee Donghyuck by oohafrah
METANOIA || Lee Donghyuckby Xuxi
"my darling, you'll never be unloved by me. You are too well tangled in my soul" Soulmate AU TW:self-harm, toxic family
SMTown Chat Group by Fiyyyaaaaaaa
SMTown Chat Groupby Firaaaa
Bagaimana jadinya jika seluruh artis SMTown berkumpul dalam satu grup chat yang diketuai oleh Nyai Sooman Jamban ? Nantikan keseruannya dan kesablengannya yang akan memb...
Eternity || Markmelon ✅ by BEAUTAEFULCHERRY
Eternity || Markmelon ✅by AMY
《Mark X Watermelon》 Markmelon agenda Edit ; Bro I wrote this when I was like high on oxygen. This is literal cringe I swear to god! ✍art used in the cover belongs to apr...
Sm CEO for a year?(sm fanfiction) by starlight_joy
Sm CEO for a year?(sm fanfiction)by starlight_joy
Lee jun ah, a 24 years-old working adult, is nothing out of the ordinary. she worked as a waitress and had a normal income, for a waitress that is. What happens if her l...
enemies to lovers 🥺🤕[LEE SOOMAN]  by heartsforjungwon
enemies to lovers 🥺🤕[LEE SOOMAN] by ŇÅŃÂ 👹👹👹👹
He was her BIGGEST enemy 😡👿👿👺👹💩🤡💀☠️😾😹🙀😡😠🤬😤 They absolutely HATED each other 🙄🙄🙄 Or so they thought 🤡🤕🥺🤸‍♀️💸🤙🗿🗣️ With ONE single move, everythin...
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Lee Soo Man and the yummy toes 🥵🦶💦 by pancreatic_cum
Lee Soo Man and the yummy toes 🥵�...by pancreatic_cum
Vernon's toes are Lee Soo Man's favorite he can't stop sucking on them😼🦶💦
Lee soo man and his boys.  by foxxy_boxxy
Lee soo man and his boys. by Stranger danger
This is about Lee soo man and Exo members but like an one shot (shorter though), I made this for fun because I was bored.
Killer(Exo Fanfic) by Simple-Kun
Killer(Exo Fanfic)by AuthorSimple!
☾︎This story has no plot, so its just from my own imagination☽︎
Donno by twilight4U
Donnoby Lollipopismyfriend
This is just a shit that my friend wanted me to post it @kaitoufoxxy
EXOL NEED TO KNOW THIS!!by Darkness Galaxy
This is my collection about EXo that i think EXOL need to know, there's different languages ENG,MALAY AND INDO. I read all of this and don't wanna to remove it so that I...
Sooman's Family ◐ NCT/WayV and EXO by JaehyunsAmericano
Sooman's Family ◐ NCT/WayV and EXOby Iced Americano
Best kan kalau ada ramai sedara? Lagi best time balik raya. perghhhh riuh habis! ni la cerita raya keluarga besar Haji Man, atau nama penuhnya Lee Sooman. Mengisahkan k...
The Devil's Trap ~ SeulYong (DISCONTINUED) by JoeMamaaaaaaa
The Devil's Trap ~ SeulYong (DISCO...by JoeMamaaaaaaa
In which Seulgi falls in the Devil's trap, and the Devil falls for her. "Don't let me go.." "Never"
Gisaeng | MarkHyuck | NCT by suhnnyklouds
Gisaeng | MarkHyuck | NCTby Suhnny Seo
Never did anyone expect that Donghyuck, a fisher man's son from Jeju, would become the most sought-after male Gisaeng in Goryeo.
Let Him Go (Repost) by ParkYoungHee0
Let Him Go (Repost)by Park Young Hee
Cerita absurd yang tercipta akibat dari keputusan sang penulis untuk menjadi seorang unfandomed. Memaparkan(?) rahasia(??) para perantau. Warung : typo, cerita gak jelas
Lawsuit | JYP CEO X YG CEO / CEO! AU by ccchenle
Lawsuit | JYP CEO X YG CEO / CEO...by , nai ’
A love story in which 2 (ex) CEOs, Park Jinyoung (JYP), and Yang Hyunsuk (YG) fall for each other, even through shady means. ..but of course there's that one guy. that o...
sriracha  in my ass and call me obama☽︎ (A JYP X Lee Soo Man fanfictionfc smut ) by ew18jsj
sriracha in my ass and call me ob...by yuh
ˡᵉᵗˢ ʲᵘˢᵗ ˢᵃʸ ʰᵃˡˡᵒʷᵉᵉⁿ ⁿⁱᵍʰᵗ ᵍᵒᵗ ᵃ ˡⁱˡ ʷⁱˡᵈ(;