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( never ) the end of laurex by stardustlaurexx
( never ) the end of laurexby stardust laurex
you thought it was the end of laurex...
𝕋𝕣𝕠𝕦𝕓𝕝𝕖𝕕 by ronron_ray
𝕋𝕣𝕠𝕦𝕓𝕝𝕖𝕕by ronron_ray
A highschool love story with mystery and suspense.(It has a lot of YouTube characters in it)
Strangers to friends, then best friends, and so on? by ronron_for_life
Strangers to friends, then best Ronron_for_life
Veronica and her twin sister Vanessa are invited to collab with Alex Wassabi, Laurdiy, Gabbie, and Lana. Little does Roni know that she would meet her soon to be best fr...
Everything I Ever Wished For (Aaronica)(Varco) by SabbyxMerrell
Everything I Ever Wished For ( SabbyxMerrell
A story about 4 people named Aaron, Veronica, Vanessa and Marco. Two enemies who later became frenemies, then friends, then best friends then lovers. And the other two...
In Love With My Best Friend  by ronron_ray
In Love With My Best Friend by ronron_ray
Aaron and Veronica are best friends, but have feelings for each other. Will the admit it or keep it a secret?
For the First Time ( A ronron/aaronica story)  by esthersgf
For the First Time ( A ronron/ IM YOUR FATHER
COMPLETED ~ i do not ship irl ppl , this story was made two years ago ~ A story of Veronica Merrell and Aaron Burriss. The two of them meet in an unexpected place while...
I Shouldn't Feel This Way by jaydenk_
I Shouldn't Feel This Wayby JaydenK
Roni meets Aaron. Aaron meets roni. They both are experiencing the same experiences, memories, and friendship together...but who will fall for who first? Watch as true f...
Worst of You (RonRon) by ronronxswiftie
Worst of You (RonRon)by RonronxSwiftie
Aaron and Veronica may seem to have the perfect relationship to the public, but not everything is sunshine and rainbows.
Fake Love True Love ~ RonRon (COMPLETED) by heyhey_0507
Fake Love True Love ~ RonRon ( HeyHey0507
Aaron goes to a new school and he meets a girl named Veronica.. Find out what happeneds next on "True Love Fake Love.."
More Than I Could Dream of-a Ronron/Aaronica and Vanessa Merrell fanfic  by Livvvylou
More Than I Could Dream of-a Livvvylou
Veronica Merrell and Vanessa Merrell are both single pringles who run the Merrell Twins channel on YouTube. But, someone change that?
Found • The Merrell Twins Fanfiction by heyhey_0507
Found • The Merrell Twins HeyHey0507
When Vanessa and Veronica were born, their parents split up. The Merrell Twins' Mom took Veronica and Paul took Vanessa.. They soon find out that they have a secret twin...
YOUTUBER ONESHOTS🤙🏼  {requests open!} by youtuberffforyou
Youtuber oneshots, quite self-explanatory. Requests are open! we will update as much as possible^_^ ~B&R
Separated ~ The Merrell Twins ~ Fanfiction by heyhey_0507
Separated ~ The Merrell Twins ~ HeyHey0507
Veronica and Vanessa were having a normal day.. They decided to go to a park for a change, but that was their biggest regret.
Laurex (COMPLETED) by heyhey_0507
Laurex (COMPLETED)by HeyHey0507
Laurex! Drama, romance and much much more! (COMPLETED)
When we first met ❤️ Kianessa and ronron ❤️ by R_ronron
When we first met ❤️ Kianessa 1D still owns my heart 🥰
Kianessa: 2 strangers Never seen each other Met in Starbucks Fell in love Ronron: 2 best friends meet again Had feelings for each other Never showed their feelings...
Don't Rush It by AngelineTdj
Don't Rush Itby AngelineTdj
Aaron Burriss and Veronica Merrell, aka RonRon is a cute couple and they have been dating for 3 years. Things happened and they should face a relationship problems and g...
Every Reason I Loved Her by NunchiGoya
Every Reason I Loved Herby Nunchi Goya
Alex loves Lauren more than anything, but she been acting strangely. she's hiding something. Alex would do anything to keep Lauren but he wants to know what she's keepi...
Not Done Yet.. ~ RonRon Varco ~ Ethanica Graynessa (COMPLETED) by heyhey_0507
Not Done Yet.. ~ RonRon Varco ~ HeyHey0507
After the first story.. Aaron and Veronica ended up as boyfriend and girlfriend. Marco and Vanessa, boyfriend and girlfriend. But Ethan and Grayson aren't done yet..
Only you and me 🖤 ronron and Kianessa by R_ronron
Only you and me 🖤 ronron and 1D still owns my heart 🥰
Hey this is a book about ronron ( Aaron and Veronica ) if u don't like them this is not a suitable book for you and there are some of Kianessa ( kian and Vanessa ) momen...
Our story  by ronron4589
Our story by ronron4589
This is about ronron and Laurex along with some other couples mainly ronron I hope you like it