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Mission: Exterminate Voldemort!? (Naruto and Harry Potter Crossover) by AlyFinale06
Mission: Exterminate Voldemort!? (...by AlyFinale06
Professor Albus Dumbledore was forced by a manipulative, headstrong, and intimidating hokage, Tsunade Senju to give out a mission. So Albus Dumbledore rashly blurted out...
Sentaku - The Choice [Tobirama Senju x Sarutobi!OC] by whatwouldnarutodo
Sentaku - The Choice [Tobirama Sen...by whatwouldnarutodo
Hideko Sarutobi, eldest daughter of the clan leader, wants nothing more than become a good kunoichi to protect her loved ones in a time where being shinobi was a man's...
A Certain Revenge (A Uchiha Love Story) PENDING by LoveMeOrLeaveMe
A Certain Revenge (A Uchiha Love S...by Linnea
Mayumi Ketsueki has always tried be as normal as possible, unfortunately for her, it doesn't come so easily. Seen as a dangerous seventeen year old, her village doesn't...
A Gangster's Love (COMPLETED) by atxelis
A Gangster's Love (COMPLETED)by LOUISE
Eight teenagers hiding their face behind a mask. They're gangsters. They are enemies. Will they find love in the space between?
Honey & Kunai - A Naruto Fanfiction- by AnbuHimawari
Honey & Kunai - A Naruto Fanfictio...by A. Himawari
Once upon a timeline -cough-Canon-cough- Hachimitsu Hachiko died as a baby during the Kyuubi attack. Its malicious chakra sent the wee baby girl into a coma where mental...
The Abandoned Child by moosifers
The Abandoned Childby Melyssa
[Hiatus] Sasuke never knew how many Uchiha slipped through the grip of the Uchiha Massacre. He was too focused on gaining revenge on his brother. A new girl appears in K...
Golden eyes (Naruto fanfic) by ladywhite989
Golden eyes (Naruto fanfic)by ladywhite989
I don't own Naruto, I only own the oc and her story and maybe a characters from her past. When Kakashi and Asuma at sent of a mission to take back a stolen weapon they w...
Equilibrium (sasukexreader) by M_JKookie
Equilibrium (sasukexreader)by M.K
"Revive my clan with me." A hunting expedition leads to a confession. Sasukexreader oneshot Disclaimer: Sasuke and Taka belongs to Masashi Kishimoto
I'm really here, in this world?! YAY!(Naruto fan fiction) (ON HOLD!!) by LOLmythLOL
I'm really here, in this world?! Y...by a maaadd name
On hold!! Sorry guys, but my last years of school have hit me hard and I find it hard to find time for this story. I'm continuing writing but not on this account. I find...
Life as a Kunai - Naruto Fanfiction by BlueHairedPerson
Life as a Kunai - Naruto Fanfictionby BlueHairedPerson
Life of a kunai, everyone. I'm so sorry, I don't know how my mind came up with this idea and I'm tired and it's just... why? XD
Reader (Naruto fanfiction) by Lov3AtWar
Reader (Naruto fanfiction)by Lov3AtWar
If you don't get the title it basically means that your the main character and not Naruto but Naruto is still in it... ANYWAY (L/N) (F/N) Twelve years ago there was an...
The Rogue Shinobi by LaurenMaeOpal
The Rogue Shinobiby LaurenMaeOpal
Outside the village of Konoha a rogue shinobi gives a pair of Jounin a challenge. This rogue is considered a threat to the village by all, aside from the Hokage. In his...
Our Tale by thisnameisnottaken
Our Taleby Emily
Nori Hyuuga is a 12 year old girl that has graduated from the ninja academy. She wants to be placed in a team that will help her grow and master the byakugan. Wren Mizuc...
Shadow of the Leaf by TsarCatherine
Shadow of the Leafby Elizabeth
Meera Funshi is a ruthless fighter, conditioned as all ninja are to kill. However, where others fail she excels. Acknowledged from a young age, she is abducted from her...