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SAHLO FOLINA < tyler joseph x reader > by sadlyjustachalupa
SAHLO FOLINA by sadlyjustachalupa
You're a Bandito. Tyler is in Dema. Escape is imminent. <><><><><><> •i created this world to feel some control destroy it if i...
Sword to Sleeve by n0nsense_verses
Sword to Sleeveby n0nsense_verses
A quick, creepy #oneshot featuring an anxious Clancy and his sinister father figure, Keons. (May add more chapters down the road, when/if I have the motivation.)
Sahlo Folina by EkaFricai
Sahlo Folinaby Eur-Eka !
Clancy posted many letters on but there are many entries that never left his journal. What if he revealed the missing parts of his story ? Only then could...
The Lifeless Light: A Tale from Dema by DS_Solana
The Lifeless Light: A Tale from D.S. Solana
*COMPLETED* 1st Place WINNER of The Creative Awards 2019 "Fan-Fiction" Category "...Because when you remove all the curtains and rituals ... Only skeleton...
all my twenty one pilots theories by crvigtucker
all my twenty one pilots theoriesby riley
lesgoooo <333 I cannot explain how much I love and resonate w the lore, I've cried over it multiple times haha.
Clancy's Letters by Deny-Deny-Denial
Clancy's Lettersby Deny-Deny-Denial
I AM NOT THE AUTHOR Transcripted version of Clancy's letters - by twenty one pilots
Clancy's Letters by AmberBird88
Clancy's Lettersby Chris
All the letters written by Clancy are in order. All rights belong to Twenty One Pilots.
When BISHops Come Together by TwentyOneNeds
When BISHops Come Togetherby Ned's Mom
What do the Bishops do when they're not doing rituals, torturing people, or hunting down Banditos?
Free (Twenty Øne Piløts) by ofbeingnonstop
Free (Twenty Øne Piløts)by ~blurryface~
Grab your tissues. WARNING: This fanfic includes graphic scenes, dark content and death. If you are not comfortable reading stuff like that. i would recommend you not r...
cloak of carmine by endinflames
cloak of carmineby pear!
Tyler has been in Dema for what feels like forever. He can barely what it feels like to want to leave, and why would he? It's comfortable, and there's no surprises, unli...