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Phantom strikes the heart (completed) by _pokemon1o_advanced
Phantom strikes the heart (complet...by _pokemon1o_advanced
Juvia and Gajeel have found a place to call home being Fairy Tail! They are settled in and have made new friends and have been through a lot with them What happens when...
The Four Maidens by Asoome135
The Four Maidensby Dark Princess
Four maidens, beautiful as they are mysterious. Known by their rumours, not by their names. Lady Of The Night With hair as blonde as the sand and eyes that reflect the n...
Gruvia one-shots and lemons by FairyFreak001
Gruvia one-shots and lemonsby FairyFreak001
Glorious one shots and lemons of Fairy Tail's canon couple Gruvia!
Another Gruvia Fan-Fic (FairyTail) by bustedbetty3070
Another Gruvia Fan-Fic (FairyTail)by :)
The FairyTail Guild, one of the strongest guilds out there in Fiore. Two important people are in that guild and their names are Juvia Lockser and Gray Fullbuster. As eac...
Lacerate by rianneannette
Lacerateby nette <3
(Completed) Gray didn't understand his feelings. Did he hate her? Did he love her? He couldn't see her hurt. But did he know he hurt her? One mission went wrong. They wa...
Under The Ice (Juvia x Gray) (Complete)(Editing) by peculiarjane
Under The Ice (Juvia x Gray) (Comp...by peculiarjane
Under The Ice Thats what the Girl Under that Smile Felt Like... We would Start from the Start till the End..... Will her beloved Gray Love Juvia? but Gray likes Lucy an...
Gruvia One shots  by Otakugirl2589
Gruvia One shots by Otakugirl2589
Gruvia One shots. This is all one shots which means each story doesn't connect with each other until I tell you Does Gray have feelings for Juvia? Will they be canon? G...
Jealous.  (Gruvia) by eileennb
Jealous. (Gruvia)by eileennb
He truly did adore her, it was just hard for him to profess. He was never good with his way of words, and they all knew it. It was rigid of him to divulge, and he never...
Fairytail Lemon by DemonCat4Life
Fairytail Lemonby Demon Cat
Here is a collection of stories that have a variety of different characters. Lots of action and fun adventures, and all sorts of sceneries that always end in fun. If you...
Gray finally realized his love for Juvia and starts dating her. One day, Gray sketches out a small plan in order to surprise Juvia for her birthday. But his plan kinda...
The Gift That Keeps on Giving || Book 2 (A Gruvia Story) ON HOLD by le_kunokimchi
The Gift That Keeps on Giving || B...by Used to be kunoichi
**ATTENTION! THIS IS BOOK TWO OF THE GIFT NO MONEY COULD BUY. Please read book one before book two! Thank You❤!** ⭐?⭐?⭐?⭐?⭐?⭐?⭐ "I'll be back before you can say Gra...
The Gift No Money Could Buy || Book 1 (A Gruvia Story) by le_kunokimchi
The Gift No Money Could Buy || Boo...by Used to be kunoichi
"Why him?" Lyon asked, still staring at the sunset. "Hmm?" Juvia mumbled, her eyes pulling away from the beautiful view to look at him. He hesitantl...
TRISTFUL. GRUVIA by importedbeverages
[ tristful (adj.) - deeply yet romantically melancholy ] ❝ WOULD YOU EVER DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SAVE ME, TO TAKE THAT EXTRA STEP INTO PROTECTING ME? I WOULD, BECAUSE I...
"Why would he get back together with me in the first place if he knew he was just going to break my heart again?" College is supposed to be full of new experie...
Mate (Gruvia Fan-fiction) by VRose15
Mate (Gruvia Fan-fiction)by VRose15
On that faithful night he met her . . . . Juvia Lockser...... his one and only mate. Gray finally found her but there's just one problem... she runs away only leaving hi...
Second chance by launicnun
Second chanceby Laura 333
It is time for war Fairy tail was once a happy guild now only ruins remain. Only 4 fairies and 2 tigers are left. What will happen when they have a chance to do it all...
you have entered the chat by nalu_princess_KC
you have entered the chatby bttm — natsu
started on; 122218 ended on; ©nalu_princess_KC
A Few Words ~ Gruvia~ by Star_Shine_glitter
A Few Words ~ Gruvia~by Loralie
/Cover art does not belong to me./ A few words from him broke her heart. A few words of the spell weakened her magic. Will a few words that she always wanted to hear fro...
The Red String of Fate [ NaLu ] by mavisisntdead
The Red String of Fate [ NaLu ]by amy
TW: depression, self harm, abuse With Lucy's new view on life and her new plan to stay in this world will everything fall in place? Or will things just get worse? PART...
His Fate (Re-Written) by smolnclumsy
His Fate (Re-Written)by Alyee (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
Gray Fullbuster a boy, who quit playing basketball after the death of his mother, meets a girl who changes his life forever.