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Through The Years by athe152
Through The Yearsby HannaLuna
A BROKEN VOW SERIES BOOK ONE The darkness that enveloped through the sky, the cold weather sank beneath her skin.The silence of the panoramic beach was the opposite of w...
Sunless World (JaDine AU) by kooridenka
Sunless World (JaDine AU)by Macy
Hades x Persephone modern adaptation 😊 James, the third of the Reid brothers, met Nadine over a party celebrating his brother's and Nadine's mother's marriage for conve...
Beaufort Academy | EDITING by OverlyDramatic12
Beaufort Academy | EDITINGby Rae
KathNiel x JaDine x JaRon JohnDria x WoLexis x AlBee Six people. Three stories. One school. Chandria Santos • Head artist of Beaufort Artists' Guild • Cheerleader for Be...
PEOPLE said that love works in mysterious way. Is that so? James did not know it until one day he realised that he was in love with the woman that he hated the most in h...
Split Personas by naajuwelie
Split Personasby julie :3
Version 1: She goes by the name of Alexis, for protective reasons of course. Top of her class at USC and the President of her Sorority. Alexis is a well known article on...
The DARE by CiareskiePrincess
The DAREby CiareskiePrincess
This is My First Story Sana magustuhan niyo ☺☺
Police story 3: Love in Trouble by AlesandraLapresa
Police story 3: Love in Troubleby Charlyn Joyce Alfaro
Ang tunay na police ay kayang ibigay kanyang buhay para sa kanyang Tungkulin, yan ang paniniwalang sinumpaan nila Mia, Frank at kanilang mga kaibigan. ngunit paano kung...
A Mistake by JDnHart
A Mistakeby JDnHart💜
A story of love, sacrifice, and infidelity. My friend and I already posted this story years ago in a kpop fanfiction website so you might find this fanfic familiar. I al...
Careful, Rain [Completed] by yergerl
Careful, Rain [Completed]by aju
It's the lies that brought them together. It's the truth that tore them apart. Now he's back... asking for another chance and she really wants to say yes. Pero may gumu...
Kryptonite by ScarletsTears
Kryptoniteby ScarletsTears
James is an assassin, one of the most loyal and skilled. With a chance to take revenge on the man who killed his family, James is faced with his most dangerous challenge...
Accidentally On Purpose by httpdawn
Accidentally On Purposeby dawn
A love story that started with a simple text message. [i haven't posted all the chapters yet. im sorry!]
THE ONE I LOVE by MhireJed
"If you're ready to bleed then LOVE ME!" -Jamille Audrey Chandria-
Team After Dark by BeautyJunkie
Team After Darkby BeautyJunkie
A collection of lemony, smutty Team Real drabbles and one shots based from my wild imaginings and inspired by their projects or Jadine real life events.
Lopez Clan 2: 'Til Death Do Us Part  by eggnog__
Lopez Clan 2: 'Til Death Do Us Par...by butterurcroissant
Ashley Nicole Perez shall rise upon the deepest hell to take avenge. -Book 2 of The Mafia Boss's Wife
9 Yards by jajax93
9 Yardsby jajax93
Is it too late to wish for a one happy family?
Relationship VS Friendship by iamArryaNna
Relationship VS Friendshipby AA
I lost my bestfriend and my husband at the same time -Nicholle
Never Meant to Be by james_x_naddie
Never Meant to Beby james_x_naddie
"The heart wants what it wants. There's no logic to these things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that's that." - Woody Allen
Then to Now (JaDine SU-Fantasy) by kooridenka
Then to Now (JaDine SU-Fantasy)by Macy
2015 x 2018 James and Nadine weren't okay. They haven't been okay for a while now and James missed her terribly. But what else can he do? Sometimes he just wishes every...
Royals by Pandacupcake07
Royalsby PandaCupcake
Royalty, When you think about it, You always think you know about them till the end of a book. What is true and what is not can always be told, but in this Royal Book yo...
All This Time [COMPLETED] by scrollroses
All This Time [COMPLETED]by L
They were destined to become a huge part of each other's lives, but are they destined to be with each other forever?