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Jackson Wang: We Got married fanfic by PokemonNarutoFreako
Jackson Wang: We Got married fanficby Westly
I have had this idea in my head a while, and I'm a bit at a loss how to continue my next story so I'm starting this one! My character Ellie goes on WGM global and Jackso...
Future love (Jackson Wang X Reader) by Bunniesjungkoo
Future love (Jackson Wang X Reader)by Jungkoo
You're a worldwide known celebrity, juggling between acting ,singing and so much more. One day you stop by your cousins music set and you meet the future love of your li...
Just Right (Jackson Imagine) (GOT7) by easybabybird
Just Right (Jackson Imagine) (GOT7)by Haeju
{Your name is Kim Haeju} You're just a normal GOT7 fan.. nonetheless, when you attend a GOT7 concert, you catch someone's eyes.. He's not your bias, but little did you k...
IDOL COUPLE [[Jackson Wang x Reader]] [[ Completed ]] by multifan-jeoja
IDOL COUPLE [[Jackson Wang x Reade...by Unknown
(Y/n) Li, half Chinese and half Korean maknae, rapper of a 1 year old girl group formed under JYP entertainment. Through her 1 year of idol life she became closer to all...
Made It (Jackson Imagine) (GOT7) by easybabybird
Made It (Jackson Imagine) (GOT7)by Haeju
{Sequel to "Just Right"} {Your name is Kim Haeju} After a rocky relationship, Jackson and Haeju finally seem to be on the same page until she gets offered to w...
Eyes On You  by reseypuffs
Eyes On You by Sharese💜
As we sat down, many people kept eye balling me and Jackson. People started to notice that Jackson was actually Jackson Wang. I heard many whispers and people pointing a...
HeartBreaker|Jackson Fuller by BLACKPINK_CL
HeartBreaker|Jackson Fullerby Sung Soo-Ra
You and Arielis were Ramona's best friends you and Arielis were half Korean and half Chinese. You all loved dancing. You all thought Jackson was an idiot. Until you grew...
Abused ( Jackson Wang X Reader) by Bunny  by Taeddybear10
Abused ( Jackson Wang X Reader) by...by Bunny 💕
" Did he hit you? " I closed my eyes not knowing how to explain. This was it it was my turn to explain. Written By: Bunny (Taeddybear10) Inspiration for story:...
Jackson Avery x Reader by markustrain
Jackson Avery x Readerby Chloe RT600
You are a young woman reaching adulthood. You are still deciding what job would suit you best so you do a couple of Internships. After an Interview at the Grey Sloan Mem...
Kpop Oneshots (x reader) by wholesomekermittt
Kpop Oneshots (x reader)by Kermit
Warnings; smut, BDSM, 18+ content, graphic content, profanity, etc
Fighter || Jackson Wang [DISCONTINUED] by luckybangtan
Fighter || Jackson Wang [DISCONTIN...by BangtanBurger
A lonely girl who has almost nothing. A lonely boy who has almost everything. An underground fight club that bring the two together.
Every wolf has their day by Jackson-Whittemore
Every wolf has their dayby Jackson Whittewhore
Jackson Whittemore fanfic Fluff, sweetness and hotness
Teen Wolf Imagines by NaeNaeFeathers
Teen Wolf Imaginesby Dyeing inside
Requests will be taken, Imagines will be about Stiles, Derek, Scott, Isaac, Malia, Lydia, Jackson, Allison, And Liam. If you would like an imagine about someone else, ju...
GOT7 IMAGINES by ThisISAnna0717
GOT7 IMAGINESby Anna Ramos
A Got7 Imagines for those people who loves and supports Got7 like I do. Hope you like it~ This is my first time doing this so I hope you understand if I will make some m...
just an accident [jackson wang x reader] by milkyystarss
just an accident [jackson wang x r...by milkyystarss
you and jackson met while you were camping alone, and you became more than just friends while on that trip. everything was well. until on your way home, a man decided t...
kidnapped lovers [jackson wang x reader] by milkyystarss
kidnapped lovers [jackson wang x r...by milkyystarss
warning ::: has sexual parts !! you and jackson met at a night club- only to be taken to his home without permission.
Falling for you [JIMIN FF]  by Ujstories1
Falling for you [JIMIN FF] by Darkside
\he never failed trapping me in his arms tightly\
Songstress of the wind  (Jackson x Reader) by brian973
Songstress of the wind (Jackson x...by SandyHook
Rin a girl who was know in school as the songstress of the wind for her beautiful voice and her nice personality but when her friends suddenly made her life harder then...