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Fear of Falling in Love (Completed)✔️ by NiranjanaNepol
Fear of Falling in Love (Completed...by Niranjana Nepolean
Usually, people loved to be loved. But, there are a few exceptions too. They fear to be loved... and feared to fall in love. There is nothing to wonder about it because...
DEAL OF MY LIFE (BB S2) by NiranjanaNepol
DEAL OF MY LIFE (BB S2)by Niranjana Nepolean
He is the king of arrogance. She is a bold girl and a beauty with a brain. He wants everything to be under his control. She is a girl who can be controlled only by LOVE...
HEARTSTRINGS (Completed) by NiranjanaNepol
HEARTSTRINGS (Completed)by Niranjana Nepolean
Arnav Singh Raizada was a DREAM MAN of many girls. That was the condition, THEN. But, no one dares near him. It's the condition NOW. We can mention it as an accident or...
That one mistake!! ✔️ by nickysweetangel
That one mistake!! ✔️by nickysweetangel
Highest rank - 2# wild 8/5 What happens when someone stranger saves you from the goons but he makes love to you the same night? And what happens when you commit a "...
ROWDY BABY (completed) by NiranjanaNepol
ROWDY BABY (completed)by Niranjana Nepolean
"Whaaaat? Are you in love with ASR? Have you gone mad? How could you? He is a WANTED CRIMINAL... GANGSTER... KING OF MAFIA WORLD... don't you get anyone other than...
Arshi-TUTA TARA by Dreamsofbluelotus
Arshi-TUTA TARAby Dreamsofbluelotus
Journey of Arnav and khushi towards love after marriage.
Silver Linings by ThiyasMusings
Silver Liningsby Thiya K
This fic is set around the time of Akash's and Payal's nupitals. More specifically right after the infamous terrace scene. Hindi is not my first language, i will try my...
WITH YOU by chirpysudipta
AN ARSHI FANFICTION....Journey of two lone souls...fought for their togetherness, which is their only solace......
A Dare by Book_Worm1604
A Dareby BookWorm
"You can't keep running away from me", Arnav said, his face was all serious as his eyes bored into Khushi's. Standing her ground, Khushi uttered using her utmo...
ArShi FF: Homebound by here-is-rain
ArShi FF: Homeboundby Rain
What if Khushi really was in the ambulance Arnav was running after?
Gut Instinct by NiranjanaNepol
Gut Instinctby Niranjana Nepolean
What if Arnav gets a chance to rectify all his mistakes? What if he gets a chance to avoid such situations? What if he gets to know Khushi is his would-be-wife?
One & Only Option ( Completed) by NiranjanaNepol
One & Only Option ( Completed)by Niranjana Nepolean
Arnav was flying back to India to attend a funeral... Shashi Gupta's funeral who committed suicide. The man who didn't get time to come to India to fix his YOUNGER broth...
The Unwanted Guest by AchuArchana
The Unwanted Guestby Archana Suresh
Although the house is named Shantivan, it had lost its peace 23 years ago when the heir of Raizada, ASR walked out of the family with his wife. Years later, with no trac...
Arshi-LOVE JUST HAPPENS by Dreamsofbluelotus
Arshi-LOVE JUST HAPPENSby Dreamsofbluelotus
The story is based on ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DHOON. It begins after Diwali night,which forces Khushi to see things differently and to fight for her family's survival and...
SS~: Sins "Avenging For You!!!" (Slow Update/On Hold) by vijis_2706
SS~: Sins "Avenging For You!!!" (S...by Viji Arshi
Nani 'Where is Khushi betiya? Can't see her anywhere?' Maami twitching her nose 'Aur nahiin toh ka, today we have come to see her sister for marriage proposal and she is...
RAIZADA FAMILY by vaishnavirenu
RAIZADA FAMILYby vaishnavi renu
Hello readers this is my first story. I am trying it . So please kindly tell me if any mistakes are there. What happens when the past hunts raizada family? What happe...
Why is it always me ??( Completed)  by Arshichamkili9
Why is it always me ??( Completed) by Arshi412
This story is based on Sheetal track... Here Khushi is strong, Stubborn and crusty... She will make Arnav realise his mistake..
The truth and the trust by Shwetha_V
The truth and the trustby Shwetha
What if Arnav had come to know about the real truth of Shyam during his stay in Lakshmi nagar? What if Arnav realised his mistakes and asked forgiveness from Khushi much...
PAGAL but CUTE (Completed) ✔ by NiranjanaNepol
PAGAL but CUTE (Completed) ✔by Niranjana Nepolean
Arnav Singh Raizada wants everything interesting in his life, at least something different from common. So he didn't want to get married. He was not interested in, "...
Arshi : Sun Raha Hai Na tu... (Completed) by SriSsv
Arshi : Sun Raha Hai Na tu... (Com...by Sri Ssv
Hello dearies... This is show based story and I'm writing this kind of story for the first time. I don't own the characters (except few) and base story line. In the show...