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Princess | Hiro Hamada by TheQueenRains
Princess | Hiro Hamadaby Lili 🌹
A mysterious guy keeps saving you. And he keeps calling you princess. What if you found out that he was your friend? And your life is in peril with someone trying to mur...
Big Hero 7 *Rewrite* by Sukura41
Big Hero 7 *Rewrite*by Mira Williams
Sakura Watanabe is an intelligent prodigy with photographic memory, but when she finds out her powers are back, what will happen? Will she be able to control them and u...
My Hiro | Complete by Katie72639
My Hiro | Completeby Katie72639
Yui Otori doesn't have a perfect life. Yes, she maybe be a super genius and a wiz at robotics, but what she has in smarts she lacks in family. No mother, no father, only...
The Lonely and The Brave by TheForgottenShimmer
The Lonely and The Braveby TFS
THAT COVER IS MY ART DO NOT STEAL IT OR USE IT IN ANY WAY. ((Kira.scarlet is Kira's IG)) Kira Scarlet, a 14 year old college student at SFIT who loves to make anything s...
HTTYD watch their movie by poppingpopcorn345
HTTYD watch their movieby poppingpopcorn345
Hi guys! I started one before but didn't like the out come. Also people won't believe me but my previous account was @poppingpopcorn2626 but my account logged me out an...
Love is a strange thing by Flutterknight
Love is a strange thingby Flutterknight
This start with BH6 with episode "Issue 188" and will continue with the other episode that will come in the way. By the way, it Hiro x Oc
Scars of the Past (Hiro X OC) by Knight_Li
Scars of the Past (Hiro X OC)by Knight_MoonGazer
Kayda Heart, a kid genius, has a violent and painful past, and when she moves to San Fransokyo, she thinks she can get a fresh start. Keyword: thinks. Everything starts...
Big Hero 7 | On Hold by Katie72639
Big Hero 7 | On Holdby Katie72639
The sequel to My Hiro After Professor Callaghan is behind bars, things start to calm down in San Fransokyo.... for, like a nanosecond before the streets run wild with ev...
Imprinted By A Shape Shifter by CatNoirsKitten
Imprinted By A Shape Shifterby Wolf Rain
Hiro Hamada was a normal thirteen year old genius, he graduated High School already but he didn't think about going to college instead he Bot Fights; its not illegal but...
Six Weeks by FanficCompanion
Six Weeksby Your Personal Fanfic Companion
Hiro Hamada, known tech innovator, ends up as the Bachelor with 25 girls to choose from. With cameras watching his every move and the ever growing complications of his l...
Love is Unbelieve (a Big Hero 6 fanfic) by littlemissfansie
Love is Unbelieve (a Big Hero 6 fa...by Mel-Anne Kelly
Meet Kimi Adams. A nerdy girl with a passion for science and adventure. In fact, she gets just that when she wakes up from a nightmare and realizes something dreadful j...
Thank You Mochi by CatNoirsKitten
Thank You Mochiby Wolf Rain
It was a normal day at the cafe, Hiro Hamada was helping his aunt when Mochi their pet fat cat came down and bothered a customer, what Hiro doesn't know that thanks to t...
I'll show you I'm great (Big hero 6 fanfic) by moon-phase-princess
I'll show you I'm great (Big hero...by Candi-kane
" Watch it dorkzella ", I heard a cocky voice speak. Huffing I took a step back and glared at this boy in front of me, that unfortunately, I bumped into. He wa...
Do I Know You? by fleuriixx
Do I Know You?by im babey
I wake up in the same cafe. I smell the same pastries. I hear the same busy chatter. I feel the same comforting hand on mine. I taste the same ibuprofen. I see the same...
BIG HERO 6 MEET SIREN by glowinggemma
BIG HERO 6 MEET SIRENby glowinggemma
Its been about a year since Hiro lost his brother. Its been 6 months since Helen lost her parents. Meet 16-year old Helen Johnson, robotic protege. When she and Hiro mee...
The Nerd And The Steampunk (Hiro X Oc) by pinkpastelgoth83
The Nerd And The Steampunk (Hiro X...by pretty in punk
Green emerald is childhood friends with hiro hamada since diapers. At the age of 3 both of their parents died.green and her older sister ivy move to their aunt forest wo...