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Death Stranding Oneshots by FuzzySyrenWolf
Death Stranding Oneshotsby FuzzySyrenWolf
I've had some ideas for some DS oneshots for a while, so better now than never. These include: Sam Porter Bridges Higgs Monaghan Others may include (but less frequently)...
Death Stranding x Reader _~Oneshots~_ by Liziplier46
Death Stranding x Reader _~Oneshot...by Liziplier46
I'm makin' this book because I haven't really seen much of these books.... And because I wanna. Warnin'! there will be gore, cursin' and some other stuff, because it's '...
Death Stranding :: Heartman x Reader :: by fanfic_magistrate
Death Stranding :: Heartman x Read...by PMEV
A Heartman x Reader (Female) Romance Fic. Note: This story will largely follow the rules, settings, characteristics, storyline of the original work. However, certain min...
Death Stranding (Higgs Monaghan) REQUESTS OPEN by lettheheartspeak
Death Stranding (Higgs Monaghan) R...by Mindless-wandering
Higgs/Reader and Higgs/OFC Requests Open Read A/N
To: Porter by Crazy_kenz
To: Porterby Kenzie ❦
***Abandoned work. I'm not interested in continuing this title at this time.*** SPOILERS FOR DEATH STRANDING EPISODE 9 TO COMPLETION. Humiliated, frustrated and alone...
Do you need a stepdad?  by Sazzzandora
Do you need a stepdad? by Sazzzandora
Higgs just met Clifford for the first time. Now he definitely knows where his boyfriend got his looks from.