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The Founding Fathers and Me by ATinyWhisper
The Founding Fathers and Meby Charlotte Andriette
What happens when a 14 year old girl from Asia, who has a weirdly interesting power, takes the dead Founding Fathers and somehow let them live? What happens when she tel...
It's Our History by JK-JazzandKay0115
It's Our Historyby JK-Jazz&Kay
"It's our history of when you were alive." The writer of this story is Kay Hamilton watches Hamilton Includes: Cut content, ships (gay and straight), Philipx...
Hamilton Reacts To - Modern New York by intotheunknown1776
Hamilton Reacts To - Modern New Yo...by intotheunknown1776
A sequel to Hamilton Reacts to Hamilton. What will the Hamilton characters think of modern day New York? How did they even get here? Join them as they tour New York visi...
Hamilton Watches Hamilton by whotellsyourstory_
Hamilton Watches Hamiltonby Broadway Trash
What happens when the real historical figures from the past are brought together to watch a recording of the hit musical 'Hamilton'? How will they react? And more import...
Hamilton Watches Hamilton: A Study in Character Development by TableDrummer
Hamilton Watches Hamilton: A Study...by Claire
Sebastian Miranda grew up surrounded by the legacy of his father's magnum opus, Hamilton: An American Musical. He surrounded himself with studies of history and governm...
Hamilton watches Hamilton and other stuff  by heywhatttareyoudoing
Hamilton watches Hamilton and othe...by heywhatttareyoudoing
Blah blah the Hamilton gang gets teleported blah blah watches musical blah and other stuff too blah This might have spelling errors
Hamilton watches Hamilton by ThorsBleachedEyebrow
Hamilton watches Hamiltonby idjits
Like the title says. They watch their own musical. Someone needs to hug Maria Reynolds. No one deserves Eliza. Jefferson, stop being racist. Washington is just very conf...
Hamilton Reacts To Hamilton by NatBug4679
Hamilton Reacts To Hamiltonby Natalie
Hamilton characters are gathered together to watch the musical. What happens now? What secrets are revealed? Who gets with who? Frequent Updates. No hateful comments ple...
Hamilton Reactions. by AvatarAvaH
Hamilton Reactions.by Ava Hughes
The historical figures we have grown to love have been brought back by a teenage girl to watch the play by Lin Manuel Miranda. I am Aware of how many times this has been...
Hamilton Twins watch Hamilton by KDPotter
Hamilton Twins watch Hamiltonby KDPotter
Alexander and Eliza have twin siblings named Arianna and Elijah. See how this changes what happened to the characters of Hamilton. Characters are based on the musical's...
Hamilton Watches Hamilton by MandyPeprah2004
Hamilton Watches Hamiltonby Mandy✨💛
This story is about Alexander Hamilton first arriving in New York But as he arrives he finds himself in an abandoned theatre. Alexander finds out there is a musical abou...
History Watches Hamilton by xMikeyBoi69x
History Watches Hamiltonby Michael
Characters: Alexander Hamilton -Alexander- Eliza Schuyler Hamilton -Eliza- Angelica Church -Angelica- Margarita "Peggy" Schuyler -Peggy- George Washington -Was...
Who Tells Your Story by ArianaTheDragon
Who Tells Your Storyby Ariana Sílvari
---ON INDEFINITE HIATUS--- The Hamilsquad is once again mysteriously teleported hundreds of years into the future this time to battle the monarchy for the all-important...
The Hamilton Squad Watches Hamilton (With Lin + Jon) by Ham1lton_Trash
The Hamilton Squad Watches Hamilto...by Ham1lton_Trash
The title is pretty self-explanatory I'm pretty sure that there are a million of these stories already, but I really love the idea of this happening so IM WRITING ONE TO...
Hamilton Reacts to Hamilton by jeffys_goil
Hamilton Reacts to Hamiltonby Kennedy
Hamilton reacts to the Hamilton Musical on Disney+. Imagine the Hamilton gang gets sucked into a void with an excited girl who shows them their musical. What happens whe...
Hamilton Watches Hamilton!!  by WritingMakesMeCry
Hamilton Watches Hamilton!! by WritingMakesMeCry
Alexander Hamilton and friends somehow timetravel to the future where they watch a musical based on their lives! - - - - - - - - Disclaimer- I don't own anything
~Not Throwing Away Our Shot~ by Domino161718
~Not Throwing Away Our Shot~by ~•Domino•~
Hamilton reacts to the future. It is up to them whether they use the newly found information to better themselves, or to to destroy others.
The REAL Hamilton watches Hamilton by Blueberryjackson
The REAL Hamilton watches Hamiltonby Blueberry Jackson
I thought it would be fun to do this as most people who wrote a 'Hamilton watches Hamilton' made Hamilton the way Lin portrayed him. Disclaimer: The song lyrics are writ...
Who Tells Your Story (A Hamilton watches Hamilton Book) by hamilton_is_life123
Who Tells Your Story (A Hamilton w...by An Angel Who Did Not Fall As...
The Founding Fathers and Mothers of Alexander Hamilton's life come back after their deaths to react to the Lin-Manuel Miranda's play Hamilton. Accompanied my a mysteriou...