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Future Baby Mama by ForTheLoveOfAug
Future Baby Mamaby ForTheLoveOfAug
There she goes looking like my future baby mama
Ready(Jacquees Love Story) by WildForJacquees
Ready(Jacquees Love Story)by WildForJacquees
You are an 18 year old singer. Your cousin is Durante from FYB. You are going to stay with Durante , or Tae as you will call him, and his mom for a whole year to get you...
Humble Me (Jacquees Love Story) by VoKayy
Humble Me (Jacquees Love Story)by VoKayy
Jacquees is fresh from tour, he's got it all, the money, the girls, the fame. In his prime Jacquees can be found at every party, his ego is to the fullest. Come to find...
Notice ME (Jacquees Love Story) by fygcold
Notice ME (Jacquees Love Story)by Nia Nicole
This a Jacquees Love Story ! . Hes a Artist in a Group Called FYB "Fresh Young Boy" a Girl is Trying To Get Jacquees to Notice Her .. Will it END Good ?
Your Man Ain't Better Than Me [Jacquees Fan F] by afl0centric
Your Man Ain't Better Than Me [Jac...by ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴍᴀɢɪᴄ
For too long Jacquees kept his feelings for her buried away, the moment he's finally ready to tell her she's already taken by someone that's not good for her. Read to fi...
Wrong number I presume? {SpiderFrost} by Tom1Sebastian1
Wrong number I presume? {SpiderFro...by 🍞Breb🦆
Peter gets his new phone and plays digit neighbour. He put in his number not knowing that the god of mischief was on the other line. Peter Parker x Loki Laufeyson Spider...
My Girl(A Jacquees Love Story)*ON HOLD* by P0etic__
My Girl(A Jacquees Love Story)*ON...by السلام و اللطف✨
Everybody in the hood knows that your my girl♥...
Angel in Disguise (Sequel) [Jacquees] by PrettyYungTalented
Angel in Disguise (Sequel) [Jacque...by neeyoncè da queen ©
With a new year comes new beginnings. New beginnings may bring rain, shine or both, you never know what to expect. Just 6 months after giving birth to her daughter, Rani...
Notice Me : High In Love (Jacquees Love Story by fygcold
Notice Me : High In Love (Jacquees...by Nia Nicole
This a Jacquees Love Story ! . Hes a Artist in a Group Called FYB "Fresh Young Boys".. sequel to Notice Me .. I think they found love . will it END Good ?
The Life Of Jacquees by Kailah2Kute
The Life Of Jacqueesby Kailahhhhh
This Book Will Be About The Ups And Downs Of Jacquees Life And His Wife And Kids.Stay Tuned Because It's About To Go Down.
Jacquees Songs by Shalonn_Loreal
Jacquees Songsby Shalonn_Loreal
Jacquees Lyrics you can request anytime
Do you love me Bobby? by naijanaija
Do you love me Bobby?by naijanaija
This story is about two people who meet one another one day. It was random and what comes after is sometimes randomness as well. They fall head over hills for each other...
Random Shit For Ya by _Genloss-Ranboo_
Random Shit For Yaby GL!Ranboo
Whatever I have to offer, is what you have to desl with 😎 ⚰️💐😭 ✌️😎🔪
Just Tryna Do Right(Jacquees and Issa Love Story) by _Justiceeeee
Just Tryna Do Right(Jacquees and I...by Justice
All I'm trying to do is survive and make good out of the dirty, nasty, unbelievable lifestyle that they gave me. -Tupac Shakur
Keep Him Around by theonendonly_
Keep Him Aroundby Jada Kay
A Love Story Of Superstar Stuck In Love With How To Go
Moving On Is Hard [Trilogy] by PeaceTee
Moving On Is Hard [Trilogy]by Coming Soon
It's been 4 months since Tiana was shot, and has been comatose ever since. Tiana has been afforded the chance to meet her unborn daughter, and given the decision to eith...
5 Steps ~ Jacquees ( FanFic )[Discontinued] by _Dani_luvs_ya_
5 Steps ~ Jacquees ( FanFic )[Disc...by Dani
"Let me give you 5 steps to delete him 1, don't answer, 2, walk past him, 3, delete his number, 4, ignore his mama 5, look for another Girl I'm telling you what you...
You Had Me At Hello  by MisGuided_Youngin
You Had Me At Hello by Asia
When four boys start to attend Kings Academy will Asia and her friends be able to keep up with the new changes they bring along with them? Or will they be left behind...
Fyb: Love Story Imo'nee And Elvis by Golden-321
Fyb: Love Story Imo'nee And Elvisby Golden-321
This story is about a girl named imonee who meets fyb Elvis and she falls in love with him but does she know that.....