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Light (Zuko x OC) ATLA Fanfic by lyricc0900
Light (Zuko x OC) ATLA Fanficby Writing Goddess
What happens when Zuko meets a mysterious girl in all white? A mysterious girl who knows nothing about her past. All she knows is that she can bend fire. How will this j...
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Protected Princess || Zuko by dragonflyskies
Protected Princess || Zukoby Jessica
After living her whole life in the Northern Water Tribe, Hai was tired of her tribes ways and customs. She did not want to be forced to get married at 16 nor did she wan...
Bright (Zuko x OC) ATLA FANFIC by lyricc0900
Bright (Zuko x OC) ATLA FANFICby Writing Goddess
The 100-year war is over, and everything is falling into place. What will happen? What will they face? Join the gang into the new word being formed by the Avatar Gang. ...
Free Flowing [ATLA] by coolkayla003
Free Flowing [ATLA]by kayla 🥀🦋
She was always used to 'going with the flow', which made sense for her. She never thought she would get out of the area she was used to, but she met a few good friends w...
Ty Lee's Ten Memories Of Not-Quite-Yet Charming The Fire Princess by Bobbiejelly
Ty Lee's Ten Memories Of bobbiejelly
Ten memories over more than a decade that Ty Lee has had with her crush and her very best female (straight!) friend Azula. One-Sided Pining? Maybe. Or maybe not... F/F...
Avatar: The Not So Last Airbender by -NEVERLIME
Avatar: The Not So Last Airbenderby nerd and quirk
When Sokka and Katara discovered Aang, he was thought to be the last living airbender. Keiko is an Airbender who's family went into hiding when the fire nation attacked...
The Honor in Us All by Star_Child9301
The Honor in Us Allby Sam
Ivana was the daughter of Ursa's best childhood friend. She grew up playing and sparring in the palace with prince Zuko. They'd been friends since before she could remem...
Burning At 451 by official_bellfire
Burning At 451by Bell
Bell Fire never had a problem with the fire. She lives in the infamous places called Hell on Earth. Deep in the forest there lays a path to the hottest place on equestri...
Kuai and Zuko 2 [ON HIATUS] by irishloveoftx
Kuai and Zuko 2 [ON HIATUS]by morey
[ON HIATUS] After finding his mother in the Fire Nation town of Hira'a, Zuko runs into an old love, Kuai. How could two years have gone by since their dramatic goodbyes...
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Kuai and Zuko by irishloveoftx
Kuai and Zukoby morey
On the way to Ember Island, the Gaang runs into a mysterious girl who seems to be a lot like Zuko. Could there be love in the midst of all this war? (I wrote this before...