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Love Conquers All {Duck X Fakir Fan-fic} by Sangwoos00ashes
Love Conquers All {Duck X Fakir Fa...by Jamie
"Stay away from me!" Duck shouts. "No, I did what I did to protect you." Fakir grabs Duck's arm and looks into her eyes. "Why? Please tell me...
Fakir And Annie❤️ by RahilianForever2
Fakir And Annie❤️by Rahilian Forever
I know it ended but I just couldn't stop myself writing it ...The story had taken a leap and Fakir is 27now and Annie 26 and Anaya is in 2nd std.
Time and space ( Fakir X Reader) by Kiddoctorz
Time and space ( Fakir X Reader)by KidDoctor
During the original Prince and the Raven there towards near what you would call the begging of the end, there is a strange twist in the story. Once long ago there was on...
Princess Tutu various x reader (discontinued for now) by vampire2468
Princess Tutu various x reader (di...by vampire2468
You have been Rue's younger sister for as long as you could remember. Throughout the years you suddenly start to hang out with the big jerk Fakir and the mysterious Myth...
Fates Intervened  by Theconfused_soul
Fates Intervened by confused soul
In a world where family dynamics and traditions clash, Fakhir Zaheer Ahmed finds himself unwittingly entangled in a life-altering decision when he offers comfort to his...
The Nutcacker Prince by KleinerTagtraumer
The Nutcacker Princeby Bailey
Drosslmyer has decided to make one more story and put an end to Ahiru and Fakir! Will he succeed? Or will he be defeated once more?
Princess Tutu & Swan by cotton_candiez
Princess Tutu & Swanby 🌸Cotton_Candy🌸
Follows story line. English dubbed version * I don't own anything except my character Aurora. Everything else goes to it's original owner *
The Black Swan and the Duck (Princess Tutu FanFic) by XxN1c0l3xX
The Black Swan and the Duck (Princ...by Nicole
Two years after, Fakir wonders if magic will ever return as Duck struggles with remaining a duck. That same day, a black feather causes the Prince and Princess' return...
A Lost Angel Found (princess tutu fanfiction) by EmilyLJ16
A Lost Angel Found (princess tutu...by EmilyLJ16
When Fakir, guardian of Muto, finds a young lady Named Etsuko, he instantly falls in love as the lost pages of the story intail.
Bless the White Prince & Silver Maiden by VampireSiren
Bless the White Prince & Silver Ma...by DiabolikGurl
We all know what happened during Ahiru's journey as Princess Tutu, but what if another girl, Helena (a girl who adores both singing and dancing ballet), suddenly ends up...
The End Might Also be a Beginning by amixhunter
The End Might Also be a Beginningby Ami
Storys end as we read the last page, but in this story, the end signifies the beginning of a new tale. When Duck transformed back to being a duck for eternity, Fakir tri...
The Princess and The Dove by RosaRRed
The Princess and The Doveby Rosetta R. Red
Once upon a time, there was a man who died... there was a prince, there was a raven, there was a knight, there was a girl, there was a duck... Once upon a time, there wa...
My Art Dump: Princess Tutu Edition. by MahouSenshiLucky
My Art Dump: Princess Tutu Edition.by MahouSenshiLucky
My art (yes, I drew all these pictures myself). Princess Tutu-related or adjacent. Might be updated as I draw more. If it comes up (which it probably won't, but just...
Dreams of Hope (NiGHTS into Dreams + Princess Tutu Crossover) by birebeeDXE916
Dreams of Hope (NiGHTS into Dreams...by Bee
A long time ago, a man began to dream in a blank world. His body had changed into a humanoid creature and he gained powers to create nightmare creatures, but some time p...
The Rose Princess by aida-cchi
The Rose Princessby miekocchi
Alis, a seemingly regular ballet major, makes her way into the lives and story of the prince, princess, duck, and knight. Becoming the new character that becomes the cen...
Unfinished Dances (Duck x Fakir) by ImaniJackson6
Unfinished Dances (Duck x Fakir)by IJar
The ugly duckling always turns into a swan and a pretty unclaimed swan is bound to get attention of all. one most particular an ex-knight who happens to be named Fakir...
Shall we dance/ (Mytho Love Story)  by sky_billiee
Shall we dance/ (Mytho Love Story) by Billy
A new chapter is written in this very complicated story as a new character shows up with a very important role. A girl named Elora is childhood friendswith Rue and Fakir...
Fakiru One-Shots by LeftAbandoned
Fakiru One-Shotsby No one’s here
Here holds one shots of my favorite paring in Princess Tutu. Different one shots showing their connection and bond. Not enough was shown in throughout the series so I wi...
rebornish by abralhugres
rebornishby abralhugres
Mytho has memories of another life that isn't congruent with his current normal modern day life so he investigates