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Reaver's Fallen Kingdom by BreaBB
Reaver's Fallen Kingdomby BreaBB
Exactly one year after the takedown of Lucien, Sparrow resides in Reaver's mansion in Bloodstone. It is here that she begins her quest to discover more about him, and h...
Fable: Unforgotten Tales by DeathAngelS300
Fable: Unforgotten Talesby DeathAngel
A thrilling story about the Hero Queen of Albion - Angel, and the Hero of Skill - Reaver. The two set off to sea in search of adventures that will make their blood stir...
Smash or Pass Anime and Game boys edition by Kim_Jaeeunsmile
Smash or Pass Anime and Game boys...by Kim Reina
Smash and pass anime boys and game boys edition Just for fun
Reaver x Princess One shots by skyrimfics
Reaver x Princess One shotsby skyrimfics
This is basically a little collection of different Reaver x Princess one shots , but the likelihood is that I'll maybe make a fanfiction (with short chapters) about them...
Ghost of Reavers Past- ReaverxSparrow by Yikes_Babby
Ghost of Reavers Past- ReaverxSpar...by Kas
Hello! I'm Casper and I wrote this book with my friend Onica -@ArtificialStarlight, who also drew the Cover photo for this! bravo, my bab! although she did draw it like...
Multifandom x Reader (Tumblr) by GallantWriter
Multifandom x Reader (Tumblr)by Hayley Gallant
Multi-Fandom, includes but not limited to: DC*, Marvel*, Predator, FBAWTFT, The Incredibles*, Sherlock, OUAT, Hannibal, LoTR/The Hobbit, Black Butler*, Red Dead Redempti...
Fable 3: And So We Begin [Book 1] by astrariumcatcher
Fable 3: And So We Begin [Book 1]by astrariumcatcher
"Do not fear the Revolution" Aria is a young noblewoman and scholar tasked with the job of being the king's most trusted advisor. Her title is more glorified t...
Lord Lucien's Diary by KurtDestin
Lord Lucien's Diaryby KurtDestin
Completed? [✔️] These are the pages of Lucien's Diary up until he left Castle Fairfax. Extra Additions to this book: •Lord Lucien: A Biography •Lucien the Lunatic (The...
Fable: Modern Hero by BigBrownBeaver
Fable: Modern Heroby Jack Timson
It follows a young Hero in the New World as he ventures with one of the most legendary Heroes of all time. Note: I originally posted this to DeviantArt, but I have very...
What's Mine is Yours (Fable 2 Reaver) by rainbowsandsugar
What's Mine is Yours (Fable 2 Reav...by rainbowsandsugar
Rose and Sparrow were my best friends. Everything changed after that fateful night in Lucien's castle.
Fable II: The Quest of Redemption (Book 2) by KurtDestin
Fable II: The Quest of Redemption...by KurtDestin
#1 Under Fable II (Since 12/13/16) #698 Under Adventure (Since 3/18/17) Lyllianna has just awaken in Bower Lake, confused of what has happened. The last thing she rememb...
After Fable II by Audionsic
After Fable IIby Ella Shennett
When Sparrow, Hammer, Garth, and Reaver killed Lucien and saved the world, they went their separate ways. But what happened afterwards?
The Quest Of Little Sparrow by drowsish
The Quest Of Little Sparrowby Fin 🐸
Sparrow adventures throughout the world in hopes to avenge her sister.. [Fable 2]
Rose, Robin and Sparrow, A Fable 2 fanfic by The-Real-Tvgamer
Rose, Robin and Sparrow, A Fable 2...by Tvgamer
This story is about Rose, and her younger twin siblings Robin and Sparrow and their adventures throughout Albion to defeat the evil Lord Lucien. "Your heroes but yo...
Know Your Enemy (Reaver x Reaver) by ohnostalgia_
Know Your Enemy (Reaver x Reaver)by molly
have you ever wondered what would happen if Reaver from Fable II and Reaver from Fable III met one another? I'd like to assume you haven't, but upon seeing the fanart th...
The Chicken Chaser and the Little Sparrow by Moondogreading
The Chicken Chaser and the Little...by Moondogreading
What if when the Hero of Bowerstone was shot from Lucien and fell to the streets below, he briefly met his ancestor the Hero of Oakvale. What will the old Hero tell the...
The Great Hero Of Bowerlake's Thoughts In The AfterLife (Fable 2) by VampiressBayonetta
The Great Hero Of Bowerlake's Thou...by The Purple Vamp
I was going to delete this as I didn't think anyone was really reading this but I worked very hard writing it in a Book to plan it out before spending many hours and day...
Marcus's poem by ZacPalumboGarwood
Marcus's poemby Zac Palumbo-Garwood
I hope you enjoy All rights go to lionhead studios in guildford England