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RAIN ON ME   by SwatiMuskan
RAIN ON ME by Swati Muskan
when crackhead jenista evans ..meets smart good looking boy aristole maxwell .. who is totally opposite from each her ...they are like two ends.. ..what happen next...
Inspiring Quotes by mknmjnmjnmjn
Inspiring Quotesby mknmjnmjnmjn
These are just some Inspiring Quotes that have helped me through a lot of difficult times so I hope they are able to inspire and help you ,too.And most of these Quotes a...
City Of Emotion: Even After Death Book Two by JustTheUglyPotato
City Of Emotion: Even After Death...by JustTheUglyPotato
I've died. I know I've died. So why can I barely remember anything from before? And who are these four? They all seem to be important, but they don't know where they cam...
Tragedy  by Laurlo
Tragedy by Laurlo
As life takes a terrible turn,Amelia has to make a decision to save her life.
Tragedy by bonniesheltonw2435
Tragedyby bonniesheltonw2435
A fictional story about how a fake version of me tells the story of the tragedy that she calls her life In her time of pain, she goes to her "sister" and her f...
The Day I Died by Sky22563
The Day I Diedby Sky22563
This story is inspired by a true story that happened to me not to long ago. It all starts with being lost and confused, but aware at the same time. Not knowing any bette...