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Whiterun Guard X Reader: Arrow to the Knee by memeslovepoptarts
Whiterun Guard X Reader: Arrow to...by memeslovepoptarts
[SLOW UPDATES] [EDITING] Y/N thought he was like every other guard; but she was very wrong. Begging to be anything other than a boring guard, she decided to take him on...
The Dragonborn Comes by Mad-Comrade
The Dragonborn Comesby Mad Comrade
Y/N Rose, son of Summer and Tai. The youngest and the kindest, and the one who has a black eye at the end of every week. Every day he hoped tomorrow would be different...
Reborn ~an Alduin Love Story~ by cicerolove
Reborn ~an Alduin Love Story~by Raven Harris
Sizaan Kulaas was a curious and adventurous young girl bound to an oath to remain within the confines of her home, High Hrothgar, and care for Paarthurnax as his Vahlok...
Skyrim Imagines and Preferences  [Requests Open!] by memeslovepoptarts
Skyrim Imagines and Preferences [...by memeslovepoptarts
Certain scenarios that feature Skyrim's finest! Imagines/Oneshots/Preferences of Skyrim characters. I'm pretty sure I didn't do these right, please don't crucify me. Unl...
Not So Wild. (Hiccup X Reader) by FrejaLightwood
Not So Wild. (Hiccup X Reader)by Freja1105
- "I truly feel like everything I say or do is always wrong." - Years pass by like nothing, the seconds are ticking away bit by bit. - "Like I'm the bigge...
The Dovahkiin Falls by MsMario317
The Dovahkiin Fallsby Linny
This is an Alduin x Female!Dovahkiin story. Down below are some things you should view before reading this story. This story will contain the following: Emotional Themes...
Skyrim oneshots by Majic2000dragon
Skyrim oneshotsby Dovawaya
A collection of oneshots involving Skyrim characters as well as the Dovakin him/herself. If there's something you'd like to see, let me know along with any specific info...
ѕкуяιм σиєѕнσтѕ! by _CosmicBlizzard_
ѕкуяιм σиєѕнσтѕ!by Xx¢σѕмι¢вℓιzzαя∂xX
ωσσ! ѕкуяιм σиєѕнσтѕ! вσтн мαℓє αи∂ fємαℓє ιи нєяє, мσятαℓѕ. нαs вεεη яαηкε∂ ηυмвεя σηε ιη ∂яαgσηвσяη, мαяcυяισ, ρααятнυяиαχ, ∂σναнкιιи.
To Love A Fool~ (Cicero x Reader) by CicerosListener
To Love A Fool~ (Cicero x Reader)by 🍒 & 🥵
Is it possible to love a mad fool? please for the love of god stop asking me to update i don't want to remember that i wrote this -🍒
The Dragonborn's Lover | Miraak×Reader by ArtistSamara
The Dragonborn's Lover | Miraak×Re...by Samara
A medieval fantasy Romance about an Evil Dragonborn and Pure Dragonborn falling in love. (Y/n) the powerful Dragonborn seeking to end Alduins life, unaware of who her fa...
Skyrim: A Nord's Tale by madiskinner
Skyrim: A Nord's Taleby Madi Skinner
Ana has always lived a relatively simple life. In fact, she never wished for anything different. But whether she wishes it or not, Ana's life is thrown into chaos when a...
Muriel x Y/n Love story by Queen_Saki1016
Muriel x Y/n Love storyby Queen_Saki1016
Y/n the Dragonborn, just defeated Alduin. However when she was supposed to be transported back to Tamriel, something went wrong. Now she has to stop Goatman and stop yet...
DRAGONBORN [httyd] by SacredSouls
DRAGONBORN [httyd]by s a c r e d
It's not every day that the runt of the litter finds out he's been prophesied back some thousand years ago to become a King - or rather, a Dragon King. [This Fanfic foll...
Honor and Glory by Wolfiesta
Honor and Gloryby Wolfie
Book One of the Honor and Glory Trilogy After training for over a year to fulfill her destiny as Dragonborn and defeat Alduin, Ylva knew she would need a challenge. Join...
Dragon Age Inquisition: Legend of the Dovahkin by McKellroy
Dragon Age Inquisition: Legend of...by McKellroy
As the Inquisition begins to gain strength all across Southern Thedas, an aging Dragonborn finds himself in the middle of a world so similar yet so different from his ow...
An's Diary (Skyrim Fanfic) by Adventurehat
An's Diary (Skyrim Fanfic)by Haley
Marcurio, a mercenary magician, is hired by the mysterious Dovahkiin for the second time. But this time, he's been recruited to accompany her in her attempt to uncover h...
skyrim memes by where_is_rent
skyrim memesby oh my aching heart
"I'm not a man, I'm a weapon in human form. Just unsheathe me, and point me at the enemy." ALL OF THESE MEMES IN THIS STORY BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS
❝Monsters don't get happy endings.❞ Rennen of Skellige was a sword-for-hire. A cold-blooded killer, a merciless assassin. She liked to think that a life of blood and bru...
Skyrim x Reader by DarthTargaryen
Skyrim x Readerby DarthTargaryen
One shots involving you and a skyrim character • Accepting requests ° Submit requests through PM or tag me in a comment ° No OCS are allowed! · The...
How to Pickpocket a Pickpocket by LisaMuller5
How to Pickpocket a Pickpocketby Lisa Muller
Skyrim Fanfiction Brynjolf x OC What was supposed to be innocent pickpocketing for Artis, turned out to be her getting in trouble with the Riften guards when her target...