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Off the Deep End by walkerofthestars
Off the Deep Endby Gabe
A mission goes South and Robin is in the firing line from Batman- literally. In the face of Tony Zucco being let out of jail early, Dick seems distracted. Batman tries...
Friday Night by wewereborntolose
Friday Nightby wewereborntolose
The team gets bored one Friday night and for some reason they listen to what Wally has to say. Birdflash oneshot
First Rain by aphjohnlock
First Rainby Keith
AU - Abuse - Birdflash In this Young Justice AU where Wally West runs away to join the circus he makes friends with Dick Grayson. After discovering his best friend is be...
Painful love and opened wounds  by Broken_Arrow32
Painful love and opened wounds by Ace/Arrow
Staring a genderbend Dick Grayson, This story follows the idea of if Artemis actually did die. Wally blames her death on Nightwing and their relationship goes downhill u...