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The Twin Diamonds by 0ScrewNames0
The Twin Diamondsby $ උ r ㉫ Ŵ
• ° C O M P L E T E • ° - - - - - What if Pink wasn't planted by herself? This diamonds accidentally making two instead of the one they wanted? They emerged from the ear...
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LOVE ALWAYS WINS. (book one of the Love Trilogy). by beautifulandmystery
LOVE ALWAYS WINS. (book one of the...by Jasmine.A
1st book of the Mckade series. Cassandra Milton own a flower shop in the downtown of west Philadelphia. she has a best friend,who was always there for her and a mother w...
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Our Love Story (Kominato Ryosuke x OC) by midnight0406
Our Love Story (Kominato Ryosuke x...by Midnight
Sawamura recently learns that Ryousuke, Haruichi's brother, and Tatsune, Yuuki Tetsuya's younger sister, are dating. Curious as to how the love between two unexpected pe...
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Diamond no Ace Oneshots ★ by lazysleepingbeauty
Diamond no Ace Oneshots ★by Eru Shion ★
Diamond no Ace and characters © Yuji Terajima
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marriage - jack gilinsky. by ARREAGALOGY
marriage - jack gilinsky.by litzy
MARRIAGE. "gosh you're so cute." "goodness gilinsky what are you doing to me?" - UNDER MAJOR EDITING - Started July 16th, 2016 Completed July 31st...
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Big time new girl? by kaylaa__18
Big time new girl?by Kayla
What happens when a girl meets her dad only to find out he works with the one and only Big Time Rush? Will she survive the craziness of LA? Will she find love she wasn't...
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Avenger's saviour by Buckyismyfather
Avenger's saviourby Buckyismyfather
After Bucky is accused of setting off a bomb, killing the king of Wakanda, the Avengers are split in two. Will the mysterious new arrivl be able to save the avengers bef...
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Please, I do not want a heart by violetdepravity
Please, I do not want a heartby ria amer victoria
Eillie died and she finally met God. God told her she will be reincarnated and asked her who she wants to be. Ellie asked God, "please, I do not want a heart"
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Yellow Diamond X Female Reader by AlainaRin816
Yellow Diamond X Female Readerby Alaina Rin Novak
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Titanic (Jack Dawson Love Story) by SailorStar213
Titanic (Jack Dawson Love Story)by SailorStar213
Rosalyn Lovett is the adopted sister of Brock Lovett. She and her brother travel to the North Atlantic Ocean to find a rare diamond that is rumored to have gone down wit...
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Pokemon Boiz Oneshots by Fandomz_Fanboy
Pokemon Boiz Oneshotsby Remus Hisahoshi
Another one shot book about our favorite Pokémon boys from around the regions! Requests always welcome and I really am greatful for you just looking at this!
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Black Princess:The Darkest Secret ~COMPLETED~ (BOOK 1) (UNDER MAJOR EDITING) by iam_mysti
Black Princess:The Darkest Secret...by Mysti❤️
❗️UNDER MAJOR EDITING❗️ Hi guys I'am a new student here and nice to meet you all my name is................. There is this girl who is just pretending to be a nerd or le...
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Peach Beryl - Steven Universe X Reader by AwesomeAxolotl
Peach Beryl - Steven Universe X Re...by AwesomeAxolotl
You are a Peach Beryl, simple as that. However, you are odd in Homeworld standards. Beryls are small, a key factor; you, however, are tall. And, all you've ever known is...
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White Diamond x Female Reader by AlainaRin816
White Diamond x Female Readerby Alaina Rin Novak
Well I didn't just leave that in the description hahaha Idk how to do anything with this because I have no clue what I'm even doing!
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Fight For Diamond - Mafia X Mafia ( Jirose FF ) by Chim_Chipmunks
Fight For Diamond - Mafia X Mafia...by Rosie
REMEMBER!! IT JUST A FANFICTION!! Genre: Action, Romance, Drama, Mystery, Comedy. Korea Seoul. The place where everything is perfect. Everything is nice. Until one day...
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BTS: Blood Diamond by sparklingjin
BTS: Blood Diamondby 𝑴𝒊𝒍𝒂𝒏
At the age of 18, every dhampir can decide when their heart stops, but not all of them can choose their allegiance. Melissa Sault is one of these dhampir, a half-blooded...
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Pokemon Boiz x Reader by Fandomz_Fanboy
Pokemon Boiz x Readerby Remus Hisahoshi
One Shots of your fave Trainers of the Pokemon world from around the region's! Requests open and for everyone! I don't know quite a few characters so if they are out of...
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Atonement by SodaliteWrites
Atonementby Sodalite
SEQUEL TO "Consequences" *The show Steven Universe and all of its canon characters that are used in this story belong to Rebecca Sugar and the Crewniverse &quo...
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Glittering Shadows by RoguexRabbit
Glittering Shadowsby Mintyxclover
You were a shadow kept behind a looking glass for only White Diamond's eyes to see. She sheltered you for your own good, as you were a gem of a darker shade. No, you wer...
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Daiya no A: Work of Art by crystal82blueeyes
Daiya no A: Work of Artby crystal82blueeyes
Sawamura borrowed a BL manga from a class mate and wants Kuramochi to read it to tell him who it's supposed to remind him of...but Miyuki "borrows" it and star...
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