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Random Anime Omorashi! by omorashi_user
Random Anime Omorashi!by omorashi
I'll take your requests or even just write some of my own! I've seen quite an amount of anime but if you request something I haven't seen it may take a little longer but...
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Desperately Making Him Mine by ebo0kaddict17
Desperately Making Him Mineby ebo0kaddict17
Love enables a person to show his or her selfish side. No matter how self-sacrificing you are, the side of wanting someone to be yours will surface. Brietta Reneith Mir...
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The Nights by BandAndBooks
The Nightsby Hailey Williams
When You Can't Have That Person That You So Desperately Love..
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The Ex by user08871733
The Exby Gina Nazareno
isang babae na iniwan ang kanyang love for the opportunity and career pero one day naging matagumpay si girl at gusto niyang balikan ang lalaking iniwan niya pero ayaw n...
Beautiful by summerbones
Beautifulby Elise Sophie
What every guy should tell a girl. One special girl.
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I can cast a spell on your behalf regarding a relationship, your financial situation, future events, or whatever is important to you. I have the power and I use the powe...
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No one to love. by brandi0116200
No one to brandi0116200
April~16~2007 Define love?, I have no fucking clue what it is but I do know that I taste it I want it. So love is an abstract?, okay Everyone has it or do they pretend...
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Desperately in Love (Part 1) by JethroPunzalan
Desperately in Love (Part 1)by Jethro Punzalan
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Display by Ghostwear
Displayby display
It's always a flat white coffee with one sugar.
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The Collection by raisheen
The Collectionby Rikki Nav
Okay so you see an artist's sketchbook and it can be full of random fun doodles or just scribbles. This is kind of like that. Except it's my poetry. And I don't know...
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