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Dollhouse, Shatter Me. by blushrots
Dollhouse, Shatter 𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚
── ❪ 🕰️ ❫ ❝ everyone thinks that we're perfect, please don't let them look through the curtains. ❞ shatter me applyfic. multiple ocs x multiple ocs. ©️ blushrots, 2024
Let's Meet Again, But In Real Life - Aaron Warner. by Loki_Riddle56
Let's Meet Again, But In Real L O K I
° Your fav fanfiction man in real life? ° Let's see how that happened, without SPOILERS..
Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi (Series Order and Information) by 1loulu5
Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi ( Rory
Literally what the title says. I made this so I won't have to explain the order to everyone and instead I can just refer this book to them.
Transform Me (A "Shatter Me" Trilogy Fanfiction) by NocturnalScribe
Transform Me (A "Shatter Me" I live to write; I write to l...
SYNOPSIS After Juliette Ferrars takes over Sector 45, she spends the next five years liberating the other sectors, until the whole continent of North America is almost e...
Choose Me by Booklover9631
Choose Meby Scarlet Carson
What would happen if Juliette agreed to run away with Warner in Unravel Me.
love me by watchingfromawindow
love meby leena
collection of stories about warnette, this is all for fun and I don't own any characters, they exist in the shatter me universe. enjoy x
Lavender haze by gracethe_sxmp
Lavender hazeby Grace <3
sector 45. run by a cruel dictator always has a silver lining apparently. That silver lining was Alysa Warner, the more cheerfull of the Anderson dynasty meeting a simpl...
Protect me by loezis
Protect meby loezis
This is part 2 of my shatter me Fanfiction. If you want to follow the story, I recommend that you first read part 1 called: Follow me
shatter me. playlist. by mylovelywords
shatter me. beautiful stranger
playlist for shatter me series! each "chapter" will contain song, lyrics, and aesthetic gifs that remind me of juliette & aaron. - danielle rose russell as ju...
Warnette's Wedding (after Imagine Me) by idtiewtfil
Warnette's Wedding (after 🥹
Hey! I am a huge fan of the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi. This is just my interpretation of what Juliette and Warner's wedding would have been like, since we didn't...
Remember Me ("Shatter Me" FanFiction) by carlataylor_
Remember Me ("Shatter Me" Carla Taylor
This FanFiction contains spoilers for the "Shatter Me" series by Tahereh Mafi. I will be writing "Remember Me" chapter by chapter with alternating P...
Remember Me by julietteswarner
Remember Meby juliette ferrars
I extended the end of Defy Me to include more of Warner's birthday, lots of fluffiness and watching Tangled. Enjoy! A fanfiction based on Tahereh Mafi's Shatter Me serie...
Death's Mercenary by itss_anneee
Death's Mercenaryby itss_anneee
✧W h e r e a c h i l d i s b o r n I n to a w o r l d of e v i l a n d c h a o s✧ ...
'Shatter Me' Series Fanfic by shatterme_lover
'Shatter Me' Series Fanficby shatterme_lover
Iconic scenes from the 'Shatter Me' series in other POVs but mainly Aaron Warner. All scenes come from the six mains books so there will be SPOILERS. All dialogue is sim...
Wedding favors by Mytosiskenosis
Wedding favorsby Mytosiskenosis
Kenji reflects on his life in the aftermath of the war; he explores his feelings and personal relationships. Feeling guilty for destroying Ella (Juliette) and Warner's w...
Coffee 45 by ellagirl45
Coffee 45by Ella
An au about if there were no sectors or The Reestablishment. Ella works at a coffee shop, and Aaron is just a...Dude.
Ella Sommers and Aaron Warner by e3__j7
Ella Sommers and Aaron Warnerby eiyjuelia
Ello, this story is about the events of Ella Sommers and Aaron warner after Aaron proposes. (Tahereh Mafi)
Convince Me by nixfii
Convince Meby Phoebe
-> A Kenji x Nazeera fanfiction -> Set after Believe Me -> 13+ (some kissing scenes 🙃) After a brutal ambush by the remaining ex-supreme leaders, Nazeera has a...