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The DayDreamer by DoWhatMakesYou_You
The DayDreamerby DoWhatMakesYou_You
Elizabeth Barker is an ordinary girl who just so happens to DayDream. A lot. Why, you ask? Maybe it's because it gives her courage Maybe it gives her strength. Or maybe...
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Wishful Thinking by PepperPoet
Wishful Thinkingby C. Luna
ǁ six lines of whimsy from when the mind wanders aimlessly.
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Falling by ChrisBauer
Fallingby Chris Bauer
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My Secrets Into Poems by KSantiago2
My Secrets Into Poemsby Kay S.
I have secrets so, I put them into poems.
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You're the Reason I Come Home - Ron Pope by ComparedLessons
You're the Reason I Come Home - Katie
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The Daydream by sas_pro
The Daydreamby Mandu
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A Daydream Away (Jalex) by runs_on_coffee
A Daydream Away (Jalex)by Emily
Jack, a successful bar owner, has a large chunk of his memory from his teenage years missing, yet he doesn't know it. Alex, a homeless aspiring musician, has been found...
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Daydreams by VizualDaft
Daydreamsby VizualDaft
Blanking out in class can really put a story in your head. Which is exactly how I got this story. As daydreams fill your head, so do memories. Hurtful memories.
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Daydreamer - Slytherin's Heir by AngelMarionette
Daydreamer - Slytherin's Heirby AngelMarionette
*Sequel to Daydreamer* Spending her first summer in England, Delila Potter had the time of her life. Yeah, she had lost all four of her parents (very confusing) but she...
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Maladaptive by KtMichaela
Maladaptiveby Katie
Maladaptive [mah-lUH-dap-tiv] : N. not providing adequate or appropriate adjustment to the environment or situation. ||We all daydream, but what happens when your daydre...
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The Greatest Love by WarmXHeart
The Greatest Loveby Living In the Stars
Nina Greene has been crushing on her very best friend, Ethan Ford since they were kids, though he's unaware about her feelings. But in their sophomore year he's been dis...
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The Daydreamer by emers43
The Daydreamerby Em
Dawn is a girl with a wild imagination, but soon finds out things she daydreams about are happening. It may seem like a dream come tue until her nightmares come around...
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Take two {Luke Hemmings twin fiction} by x-Daydream-x
Take two {Luke Hemmings twin ✨ཇℓƖɑ & ℒαϋℜƐℕ✨
I'm Luke, He is Kian. I have decent grades. He dropped out. I have a band, 5sos. He has a band, Too Tight. Two identical twins, Two not-so identical personalities. Step...
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That Little Thing Called Daydream Book 1 by MiyukiSawada24
That Little Thing Called Shante G.J.G.
PRELUDE: You know those stories that every author seems to always tell. You know the ones I’m talking about: those stories about high school bad boys, nerdy girl...
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Dark Alley - a Zayn Malik Fan Fiction by geeeeeo
Dark Alley - a Zayn Malik Fan Gee
When small time musician Caroline Mitchell is having a bad day, then finds herself trapped in a dark alley with no way out, she's finally convinced that the world likes...
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Crazy Little Thing Called Love by chanelle13writes
Crazy Little Thing Called Loveby Chanelle Dawn
A simple poetry ❤️
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Kalopsia by NUGU-SSI
"This is the only way for me to escape this cruel reality." (previously Daydreaming)
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A Daydream Away by when_the_sun_dies
A Daydream Awayby Cassie/Susanna
The Daydreamer by singing_turtle
The Daydreamerby •Anonymous•
A poem about a daydreaming girl.
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