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Chaotic (Dan Smith) by Doom_Days
Chaotic (Dan Smith)by Doom_Days
This is a story of how Dan fell in love with a young lady...who has a learning disability.
Collaboration || Dan Smith by -tothesky
Collaboration || Dan Smithby 𝒹𝒶𝓃
Dan's new collaboration features someone very special... That someone special is Maisie, an alternative pop singer who also happens to be his girlfriend. But stardom get...
Star ; Bastille by -badsteel-
Star ; Bastilleby bastille stan
Alternative Universe ; 2018 A twisted story about Dan's family versus Dan's fans... What could go wrong?
In Time - [Dan Smith: Bastille] by danbastille
In Time - [Dan Smith: Bastille]by ☀️
soulmate countdown AU - everyone is born with a timer that counts down to the day they meet their soulmate.
Him ; Bastille by -badsteel-
Him ; Bastilleby bastille stan
Highest rank (1st) in #danielcampbellsmith Highest rank (1st) in #bastilledan - Alternative Universe ; 2018 - 22 year old Dan is attending an American college in hopes...
Skin (Dan Smith) by Doom_Days
Skin (Dan Smith)by Doom_Days
Kiki, is a beautiful and talented Radio 1 DJ, she has her whole life lined up in front of her just like a set list of festival coming up. On her birthday morning, Grimmy...
Set Me Free by bastillexgrethan
Set Me Freeby 🍭 Joy 🍬
"W-what are you?" I fell back into my unmade bed. I had never been so up close to this creature before. I had certainly never seen one in person. WARNINGS? ST...
Bastille Animal Imagines  by bastillexgrethan
Bastille Animal Imagines by 🍭 Joy 🍬
So you may or may not have heard of my sport imagines...well...I've got this book. Imagines...with animals...in alphabetical order... ...I literally came up with this at...
Her Bastille Dream °A Dan Smith Fanfic° by canyoufillthesilence
Her Bastille Dream °A Dan Smith Fa...by canyoufillthesilence
**This book is 100% FAKE! And was actually written before Dan shaved his hair off for the eras new style! There's a disclaimer now inside** -x-x-x-x-x-x- After the tragi...
Bastille "Wild World" Lyrics by phanofstormers
Bastille "Wild World" Lyricsby Yeetus Deletus
The lyrics to all 20 songs of "Wild World" (Good Grief to The Anchor) There are obviously mistakes, so if you find any you can comment them so I can fix it.
Happier ; Bastille by -badsteel-
Happier ; Bastilleby bastille stan
Dan and Zadie were once thought to be the 'perfect' couple. They were pretty much inseparable...or so Dan thinks at the start of the novel. But things turn from sweet to...
La Lune // Bastille (ON HOLD) by stormer_in_the_den
La Lune // Bastille (ON HOLD)by Their Words of Glory
Kelsey Reid is just like every other girl to live. She has dreams, ambitions, aspirations, and goals. But, they always seem to be just out of reach for her. All she's ev...
Third World Dan by 1111SaazzhHaazz
Third World Danby 1111SaazzhHaazz
"Read it and weep" Daily Mail. A haunting and heart-rending, Third World Dan will make you appreciate all that you have, and all that can be lost.
//But Girl I'm not your Saviour// A Matty Healy Fanfiction by MichelleCrick
//But Girl I'm not your Saviour...by Mich
SEQUEL TO //IT'S JUST YOU AND I TONIGHT// A MATTY HEALY FANFICTION 'One, I love you. Two, I cannot help this hope' - Matthew Healy Lacy and Matty think they have finall...
A Silhouette and Maybe More by secretflaws
A Silhouette and Maybe Moreby secretflaws
Amelia was always one quick to judge, when she first met Dan she was certainly that. Living in an isolated area life couldn't get any more dull than it already was until...
They Turned To Dust by EmmaLarson318
They Turned To Dustby Emma Lane
Bastille One-Shot Mannon and Dan are best friends and lovers. They have a casual domestic relationship filled with concerts and daily adventures. They're made for each o...
Glory ∆ Dan Smith by acediac
Glory ∆ Dan Smithby nimrah ☕
athena & dan were unlikely to even meet but finding each other was the glory of the internet. ↩ [social media au] [dan smith]