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You're My Favorite Freak (Connor Murphy x reader) by TakingThePiss
You're My Favorite Freak (Connor TakingThePiss
Y/n is just an average teenager right? WRONG! She is One of the most popular girls in school. Outside of school, her home is just a huge mess. Her father is never there...
It'll Be Okay | Connor Murphy x Reader [Completed] by cherry_is_a_loser
It'll Be Okay | Connor Murphy x cherry 🍒
You're smol adorable y/n l/n. Everyone thinks you're this sweet cinnamon roll who needs to be protected from the world, because that's how you act. You're Evan's sister...
Why You? (Connor Murphy x Reader) by Youngblood_12
Why You? (Connor Murphy x Reader)by TonyStarkNeedsLove
Y/N Hansen has heard the rumors of Connor Murphy. Some people say he's an emo. Some people are scared of him. Some people say that he's close to death. Well one of those...
~Weird~   Connor Murphy x Reader (DEH)[COMPLETE] by jxllycee
~Weird~ Connor Murphy x Reader ( teehee
Unlike the majority of weird things that happened to me, I'm glad you happened, because I was able to find someone who listened. Cared. Understood, no matter how weird s...
Connor Murphy X reader oneshots by poisonedberrys
Connor Murphy X reader oneshotsby poisonedberrys
I've decided that there aren't enough Connor Murphy X readers. So I've decided to do a book of short images and oneshots because I can't decide on one idea I like the mo...
Tall Insomniacs.- (Connor Murphy X  reader) by YoGirlie-
Tall Insomniacs.- (Connor Murphy All we see is sky.
WARNINGS: mental heath issues, cussing.
Ski Trip (Connor Murphy X Reader) by JDWritesImpulsively
Ski Trip (Connor Murphy X Reader)by Call me JD
Y/n is the daughter of one of Larry Murphy's business partners, and went on the yearly ski trip along with her father. Her father was close friends with Larry, too, so t...
(Connor Murphy X reader) Pretty     Completed ✔ by THEmusicalsfandom
(Connor Murphy X reader) Don't lose your head little w...
|Connor Murphy X reader| Connor Murphy. The potential school shooter. Y/N L/N. The barely noticed casual FREAK.
ConnorMurphyxReader by EmilyMcCaslin3
ConnorMurphyxReaderby Emily McCaslin
If you can look past the spelling errors and the grammar mistake. Give this a shot.
Bmc / Deh One-shots by annoying_toad
Bmc / Deh One-shotsby FUCK
just shitty One-shots Also gonna clarify. These are all X Reader shit. I only do ships if I'm up for it :/
My First Friend | Connor Murphy x Reader by cherry_is_a_loser
My First Friend | Connor Murphy cherry 🍒
Connor Murphy hasn't had a friend since the sixth grade, which was before everyone thought he was a freak. He went through all of middle school and 3/4 of high school as...
514 - Mike Faist by realitydragon
514 - Mike Faistby realitydragon
Okay before we start.. I made this short story for @mkefstxoxo (on Instagram). She made my day by posting a picture and bringing me all the luck with it for my exam. (P...
I'm Sorry by FandomTrash3175
I'm Sorryby Soph
"The boy looks at you, tears streaming down his face. 'I'm sorry...'" Cover Art by: @Ziksua
Guns for hands (Connor Murphy x reader) by elimearthewolfgirl
Guns for hands (Connor Murphy x Alex Hansen
When Evan is called to the office for his letter to himself, Connor Murphy's actual best friend is devastated to hear the truth.
We All Have Our Demons (Connor Murphy x Reader) [DISCONTINUED] by imdedthx
We All Have Our Demons (Connor imdedthx
Senior Year. A year to have fun, enjoy life before it gets too hard. You meet all kinds of people. You make all kinds of friends. You start to think your life is perfect...
Sucked Into Dear Evan Hansen (A Platonic Sincerely Three X Reader) {Hiatus} by Pixel824
Sucked Into Dear Evan Hansen (A Pixel 824
What would happen if you woke up one day in the Dear Evan Hansen universe? Find out now I saw a complete lack of purely platonic X Readers for DEH, so I decided to make...
Story Collection - Mike Faist by realitydragon
Story Collection - Mike Faistby realitydragon
!Requests are open! This is full of shorts/imagines of Mike Faist. I had so many of them in my notebook and no place to leave them all.. Haha.. These will all be focu...