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Demi-demons by SamSunXix
Demi-demonsby SamSunXix
Marti got lost in a town in Serbia where the original vampires were created.. #just read Find the suspense
The League Of Justice: Age Of Superhumans by One_Love007
The League Of Justice: Age Of Musa Ibrahim Shakespeare II
Five best friends coming back from a nightclub got into a terrible accident on their way back home. A scientist working for a secret corporation, known as The Aegis, who...
Dior : Tale Of A Siren Princess by IvyBlank4
Dior : Tale Of A Siren Princessby IvyBlank4
Dior, a siren and sea princess, protector of the sea, called by the name SIRENA Mervyn, a sea captain, a prince, and siren killer, known as the Siren's Bane. Learn what...
i am the alpha by The_pretty_gal
i am the alphaby The pretty gal
it is about Rosalie who was a rogue since 10 years without parent. and fortunately for her she is mated to alpha Loren who is the alpha of the strongest pack in american.
Tales of a beauty by kechcarlos
Tales of a beautyby Sweetsour
A poem of unrequited love😖 Just started writing recently.. I'd really appreciate your constructive criticism on this(if any)😊 Read away 😋
Vadayk : The Dark Midst by IvyBlank4
Vadayk : The Dark Midstby IvyBlank4
Creatures are dark. Monsters darker. Stay clear of their path and their realm, or you end up lost in a world you can not control. Yoon Ah has always wanted to be a re...
How Vampires Love by Jennifer27natali
How Vampires Loveby Jennifer27natali
After being exposed to the extraordinary power that Gabrielle blood owns, she and her love ones will be forced to fight to wage an arduous battle against their enemies t...
THE UNKNOWN by AnnointingMajor
THE UNKNOWNby AnnointingMajor
Everything is fine in Newyork city until a psychopathic serial shows his face.....or moreso his mask And now Moses and his team are set on finding the unknown
A long way from here by azoloseru
A long way from hereby azoloseru
Jesse rivers is a twenty five year old CEO of river's enterprises a world known business everyone considers Jesse to be the typical golden child who has everything but h...
My Girl In Disguise by Harielbella
My Girl In Disguiseby ziatt
This is the story of Alexander Pearl Grey, a very popular teenage female celebrity who want to be like normal people and live a normal life and she ended up disguising...
Vampires : Myths,Tales, Fandoms, Mysteries, Alls and Alls. by IvyBlank4
Vampires : Myths,Tales, Fandoms, IvyBlank4
With respect to Holly Black Vampires. A well known mythical creature...or are they just mythical?. One could never tell. One could never know. But they dwell with
dream girl by Ediye4213
dream girlby Ediye4213
about a girl who dream of having a love life, wealth and friends which she doesn't.and for to accomplish that there are some thing she would have to and find out...