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It All Started with an Apple (Rewrite) [ON HOLD] by TaintedRain
It All Started with an Apple ( ash
She wanted to wait until after college to fall in love. Her best friend and an apple had different plans for her.
Kidnap My Heart by SAnovels
Kidnap My Heartby sam
In which a girl meets a boy band, and suddenly she's the key to helping the lead singer. [extended summary inside | I promise it's better than it sounds]
Reborn In Fire And Blood by Lapiseyes
Reborn In Fire And Bloodby Lapiseyes
~THIS PICKS UP WHERE SEASON 8 ENDED~ With the searing pain in her heart, she pulled and fought with her lungs and the air, her throat beginning to sore and tighten, her...
Game Of Thrones Preferences (Only Girls) by frenchtoast102
Game Of Thrones Preferences ( frenchtoast102
Have you been searching for a long time to find game of thrones preferences for girls?? Then you've come to the right place! Sadly so few GOT preference books contain th...
Kidnapped by One Direction? (One Direction Fanfic) by JadabugBribug
Kidnapped by One Direction? (One Bribug& Jadabug
There were two best friends, Jade and Brianne. What seemed like a normal day, was not at all... Everything was normal but then Jade and Brianne get kidnapped. But.. by w...
My Minecraft adventure by Sunset_Crafter
My Minecraft adventureby Sunset_Crafter
Its about a friend who loves creepypasta and Minecraft... and someone who isnt my classmate but still my bestie Its my imagined crazy adventures with her.... Her name wa...
The Last Marauder by Princessofseaandsun
The Last Marauderby Princessofseaandsun
Moony A loveable, Smart, kind, genius who dreams of becoming a professor Padfoot A handsome, slightly arragont, Loyal till the end rebel who...
Living the Dream: A Celebrity Boyfriend is Every Girl's Dream Right? How About 2 by sprtschck
Living the Dream: A Celebrity Payton J. Berry
A girl (Riley) is in love with her best guy friend, (Jason) and while he's on a american idol type show they're relationship as just friends is questioned and tested. Me...
Life Lesson/About me by crashrecklessly2019
Life Lesson/About meby McKenna Brianne
Hey this is kinda a intro to my profile because I'm to lazy to put this in my bio so judge me if you would like I honestly don't care
The Boy With The Irish Accent by _taylorgree_
The Boy With The Irish Accentby Taylor
*Post Note: this fan fiction is when the boys aren't famous and before the go on the X Factor* Tanya and Brianne have always dreamed about going to school in England; It...
I Hate But Love You by CiarianaMontefalco
I Hate But Love Youby Ciariana Montefalco
Si Cianne ay isang ordinaryong estudyante at dahil na rin sa trabaho ng daddy nya she needed to adjust to tranfer to another school every year. She was bullied when she...
Playful Smile or..Hearts? by Just_Love_Jungkookie
Playful Smile or..Hearts?by Avvixe
I can hide my true identity, I can hide all of me.. but there's one thing that I cant hide from everybody... do you wanna know what it is? Be mine first 😉 Brianne Estar...
Sun Kissed And Stranded by OriginalLove
Sun Kissed And Strandedby Ruby
A new school, a new girl, or at least that's what Lauren Sonnet is hoping. The year passed quickly, but not without gaining some enemies. To celebrate the end of the sch...
Baby It's you by bmar5067
Baby It's youby LibraryForAnything
Brianne is a girl who is lonely at school and nobody like her cause she's ugly and fat. Until she meets Ringo Starr a drummer to a very famous band called The Beatles an...
Potato Ninjanerds Blog by PotatoNinjaNerds
Potato Ninjanerds Blogby Potatoes Of Ninjago!
Made out of Harumi, Kat, Eevee, and Brianne! The books cover is just temporary!
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SUICIDAL by Michellelovers
Brianne Lawrence is not your average 16 year old. Her battles with suicidal thoughts breaks the similarities she has with other 16 year old teenagers. She feels as life...
Four Souls by Truly_Madly_Deeply
Four Soulsby Oma and Gabriella and Destiny
Four regular best friends named Connie , Tracey, Brianne and Alexis were normal High Schoolers. Each being there for eachother at all times and having their own uniqunes...