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Demon Slayer x Parent!Female!Reader by IrisKnights17
Demon Slayer x Parent!Female!Readerby Iris Irhan Knights
⚠️HAS MANGA SPOILERS AFTER CERTAIN CHAPTERS READ AT YOUR OWN RISK⚠️ Book cover by: P1xel_Hcney You are Tanjiro's adoptive mother (Y/n) :D. What happens when Muzan attack...
TANJIRO THE SUN PILLAR by vedantpawargarud05
TANJIRO THE SUN PILLARby vedantpawargarud05
In this au tanjiro has been trained by his father tanjuro to use sun breathing. Tanjiro can use sun breathing 12 forms without any backlash, he does not know the 13th fo...
The Slayer Of Brightness  by DepSep64042
The Slayer Of Brightness by DepSep64042
Tanjiro comes home to find his entire family dead. He was later found by Giyuu and was sent to Urodaki to train to become a demon slayer. But after he got their he got d...
A Demon in Remnant [RWBY X Male Reader] by Retracer_16
A Demon in Remnant [RWBY X Male Voidlands_55
After you died you got called by the god's of Remnant of your Favorite Anime, RWBY giving you the ability of Immortality and Breathing Techniques It's now been quite lon...
Demon Tanjirou Story Of The 2nd Greatest Slayer by nezuko8095hbts
Demon Tanjirou Story Of The 2nd nezuko8095hbts
Tanjiro who has become a demon by accident starts his journey with his little sister nezuko. It's not just a role swap au ,it's something more!! What if Tanjiro has been...
The Forbidden Love by BronyaOneeChan
The Forbidden Loveby Bronya Zaychik
This is a story of a average boy named Tanjiro Kamado along with his family in the mountains. After his father's death, he became the man of the house and starts working...
The scorcher of demons  by Darkoverlord204
The scorcher of demons by Darkoverlord204
Muzan was getting strange reports of demons getting killed off in large numbers, he investigated and heard something that horrified him "Sun breathing, first form:...
Demon slayer|THE USER OF THE BREATH OF THE SUN by jackx79
Demon slayer|THE USER OF THE Jack xiong
I don't own Kimetsu No Yaiba. What If Tanjiro is stronger than the pillars. What if he learn the first breath style from his father. How would the story change. and i do...
The Demon Phoenix, Demon Slayer Fanfiction by IvanDPhantom
The Demon Phoenix, Demon Slayer IvanDPhantom
What if Tanjiro knew breath of the sun, and what if Nezuko could control herself more? And what if she also knows breath of the sun. What if Sabito and Makomo lived? ...
Black Demon Slayer by ChrisRiley0
Black Demon Slayerby Chris Riley
What if tanjiro and nezuko was black how would that change the story
Black clover : The Rise of the Clover by Raihantheruler
Black clover : The Rise of the Raihan
Asta is a person who is naive yet powerful, he has a five leaf clover grimoire. Asta has no mana but what if he was blessed with anti-magic, a power only Liebe ,Asta hal...
betrayed tanjiro(discontinue) by JamesPaulGalaura7
betrayed tanjiro(discontinue)by James Paul Galaura
Hello guys this is my first story i hope you guys like it my story i made
The Strongest Slayer [Long Hiatus] by MilesMorales16
The Strongest Slayer [Long Hiatus]by Nico Di Angelo
My first book read it to find out what happens Ship: tanjiroXshinobu
Demon Slayer: Sun Breath  by mdndndmfmf
Demon Slayer: Sun Breath by mdndndmfmf
What if Yoriichi was the ancestor of Tanjirou, what would change and what would stay the same.
Breath of the Sun [ON HOLD FOR NOW] by vcnnshnf
Breath of the Sun [ON HOLD FOR NOW]by vcnnshnf
So this is a remake of the 'Breath of the Sun' book by XxMoonlightDemonxX but I sadly lost the account. Hope you enjoy the story!
the Hamon Pillar (a Demon Slayer/jojos Bizarre Adventure Story) by Jojofan1234
the Hamon Pillar (a Demon Slayer/ Joe Cullinan
jonathan joestar survived dios attempt to steal his body and 30 years have past since, his son has been killed and his daughter in law has fled to Venice after killing t...
Demon slayer: Alternate Universe, My story by B3nzen3
Demon slayer: Alternate GstarAnanthXD
Michikatsu tsugikuni was turned into a demon sgainest his will by muzan as revenge for yoriichi almost killing him. Kokushibo now dwells near to the kamado household's...
Breath Of The Sun by XxMoonlightDemonxX
Breath Of The Sunby XxMoonlightDemonxX
What if Tanjiro was trained by his father? What if Nezuko didn't turn into a demon but was just injured? What if Muzan attacked the Kamado's when he was 11? What if the...
⧗✩Kimetsu No Yaiba x Oc Reincarnation: Jikan No Himitsu ✩⧗ by CittaWatiWati
⧗✩Kimetsu No Yaiba x Oc Shizuya
In Taisho-era Japan, Kocho Shizuya a girl reincarnated from a girl who is actually from the real world. Looses her parents. Act cold towards other peoples. When she jou...