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pashmina dhago se bandhi ye zindagi. [ A Royal Saga Completed ] by whisperedaura
pashmina dhago se bandhi ye whisperedaura
The story is about Royal life and shows their lifestyle betrayal and war in the modern era.❤️🥂 They have everything name, fame, luxury But they find true love.❤️ ...
MIRAZE ( Haqiqat Ya Dhokha)...[ completed ] by whisperedaura
MIRAZE ( Haqiqat Ya Dhokha)...[ whisperedaura
"Kitna ajeeb hai na,har kahani mein ek villain hota hai or ek hero but in my story hero bhi main hi hun or villain bhi....,similarly tighten his grip around her wai...
Ranjhana (A Royal Saga) (Completed)  by sidnaaz_love22
Ranjhana (A Royal Saga) ( Meera Sengupta
"What are you doing my majnu? You are going to getting married, forget her now.". Jay says by folding his hands near chest. Sidharth smiles at him and says...
Forced In Marriage by Yaaro_ki_Yaari
Forced In Marriageby 🌟SidNaaz❤️
•°•°Cover credit : @Sidnaaz23 Sidharth Shukla who is most eligible bachelor is forced to marry a girl named Shehnaaz whom he don't even know who is she. He wanted his i...
Vampire And His Angel ( Completed)  by sidnaaz_love22
Vampire And His Angel ( Completed) by Meera Sengupta
If she is a blooming flower, then I'm a withered tree If she is the brightness, then I'm the darkness If she is the moon, then I'm that dark clouds which hides the moon...
Barrister Babu Fan Fiction by Ravikumarmadhumitha
Barrister Babu Fan Fictionby RAVIKUMAR MADHUMITHA
Just think of the world when annirudh gives divorce to bondita. Attempting to write a different story. I know you guys have seen many fanfiction. Just give a little time...
SidNaaz FF- Teach Me How To Love (COMPLETED) by MissyMzz
SidNaaz FF- Teach Me How To Love ( MissyMishty
Sidharth cant let go of his grumpy and stubborn nature Shehnaaz cant let go of her bubbly and innocent nature "Love" : Something both of them craves in life Wi...
MENT TO BE TOGETHER. . 💑 by sidnazztalekrishu
MENT TO BE TOGETHER. . 💑by Kri shu
what will happen when sid & sana both came out of bigboss. . how will their destiny make them lead in outside world. .. let's see it with my prospective. ..😍😍😍😍😍😍
meri jaan  by PreetSra
meri jaan by Preet Shine⭐✨
jab sab tarf darkness ho or kio shine ban ke aa jaye to life heaven ho jati hai
A Gallery of Love by Sidnaazfanfictions_
A Gallery of Loveby Sidnaazfanfictions_
OS/TS at request and of any upcoming or recent SidNaaz events/Moments☺️
Be my eternity ~ Anidita ✔ by fabulistic_fictions
Be my eternity ~ Anidita ✔by Preeran & Praghbir
Holaa readers.. Presenting a new fanfic on our lovely Aniruddh and Bondita.. This story is completely our imagination and Bondita is a grown up... Aniruddh is 22 yrs and...
Anidita : a unique school love story..... by RiyaDesai368
Anidita : a unique school love Riya Desai
here is the most unique and different story of anidita, a school love story of anidita, where Anirudh and Bondita are 15 years old and are in a same grade....Bodita is a...
(Fnia) How Many times by ShawnSpires
(Fnia) How Many timesby ShawnCoolFnia
The Freya franchise had been shut down each time there night guard went missing an killed. an was always sold into another owners hands the girls included. One thing is...
Love To Fall In Love With You(Completed) by munsen12
Love To Fall In Love With You( Amrita Sen
It's a fantasy story of two characters who meet at different phases of life to fall in love. Destiny plays game with them each time to pull them apart only to bring them...
Write to Me (Boyxboy) Student/Teacher by Hidden_In_Ink
Write to Me (Boyxboy) Student/ Tisha A
Kyle just turned sixteen. When he was out at lunch, he met Matt. They instantly hit it off. But not everything is as it seems. Matt announces his new job, a teaching job...
Marked [Beast Boy x Raven (BBRae) Fanfic] by Ally_Sato
Marked [Beast Boy x Raven (BBRae) Lille Ally Sato
"Strong demons need mates to help control their powers, mine was your mother. But she would try to take full control and won't even let me use them." he growle...
Ailurophobe {Black Butler} by crispyink
Ailurophobe {Black Butler}by Jasper Brookes
Black Butler Fanfiction Ciel Phantomhive x Neko! OC
What if sana was the most richest person in india and Runs away from emotions and sidharth shukla have fallen for her??
A new story in which Shehnaaz is a playgirl who gets anything she wants by hook or crook and Sidharth is new timepass
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Hypnosis Mic x Reader • Flow • [One-shots] by iam_shiomi
Hypnosis Mic x Reader • Flow • [ Cistem Aperio
Requests [CLOSED] Opened: April 10, 2020 Closed: September 19, 2020 Continuation: --- Commissions [OPEN] --- Book Cover isn't mine ↓↓↓ Artist: @siodadesu1 (Twitter)