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The Only Thing by KellSantos
The Only Thingby Raquel Santos
The year is 2023, Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet haven't seen or talked to one another in nearly three long years, but one afternoon in a snowy Berlin can change eve...
Ruin the Friendship by KellSantos
Ruin the Friendshipby Raquel Santos
Timothée makes me the mistake to read Fanfiction online and so once he is invited to spend his summer on Hammer household, his friendship with Armie will take on an unex...
Somewhere in New York (Charmie) by KellSantos
Somewhere in New York (Charmie)by Raquel Santos
After being trapped in New York because of the snow, Armie will end up crashing in Timothée's apartment and once the two men are face to face, they will have to discuss...