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Lush Loop Love by maykeeboo
Lush Loop Loveby Maykeeboo
Some independent stories mainly about Miss Peregrine x Jake. The characters do not belong to me, but to the author of Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children. If yo...
𝒮𝒽𝒶𝒹𝑜𝓌 || Enoch O'Connor by captain_ouat_swan_
𝒮𝒽𝒶𝒹𝑜𝓌 || Enoch O'Connorby 🌼doing my best fam
{BOOK 1 IN THE "SHADOW" SERIES!} Umrakinetic, Eleanor Draven lived alone in a small village in Northern Ireland until Miss.Finch came to her and took her to he...
You Don't See Me (Now You See Me Fanfiction) by zeldalove18
You Don't See Me (Now You See Me pagesoferin
"The closer you think you are, the less you'll actually see." Celine Rose Williams is nothing special. She see's herself as bland, invisible, slightly popular...
Tower Falling - Now You See Me {Completed} by itsmadyagain
Tower Falling - Now You See Me { Mady Jones
Magic. It's a word to spark imagination and creativity in the hearts of people of all ages. Magic is used for the entertainment of others... but it can be for something...
Hustled - a Benny Watts Fanfic by HotChocolate2020
Hustled - a Benny Watts Fanficby HotChocolate2020
Mavis Reyes. A Filipino woman born and raised in 1960's America. her life changes as she meet the chess player Benny Watts when she seeks out a friend, in the life of a...
Horse land  by Captainstony1
Horse land by nina cheadle
Alfie has had a rough life, from an abusive owner to almost dying. Follow her threw her new life at horse land, will she make new friends? Or will she loose all hope? Re...
HorseLand by DragonRider718
HorseLandby DragonRider718
When Etta Dumont moved to HorseLand with her best friend Sarah Whitney, she didn't expect to be treated harshly by first glance. But during her time at HorseLand, she's...
The return by Silver_Rider195
The returnby Silver_Rider195
Please know: I do not take credit or own this story this story belongs to papi5221 now know as Fishsarah She simply gave me the story series since she will no longer hav...
We Have a New What? by CrunchtheBoss
We Have a New What?by CrunchtheBoss
Will gone in Wyoming to see parents? CHECK National Junior Championships at the end of summer? CHECK New teacher for the summer? CHECK Sounds like everything is going to...
Remembering by Silver_Rider195
Rememberingby Silver_Rider195
Please know: I do not take credit or own this story this story belongs to papi5221 now know as Fishsarah She simply gave me the story series since she will no longer hav...
The Champion Thoroughbred by WiccanWitch1301
The Champion Thoroughbredby Sydney Callaghan
Horseland is expecting a new horse and rider. But this duo isn't your average pair. The horse is a racehorse and winner of the Triple Tiara! The rider, none other than t...
Twins Always Cause Trouble. by SakuraRamroop
Twins Always Cause Sakura Ramroop
Well, Allen knew having twins wasnt going to be easy, he never predicted that his life would be full of so much drama, mischief, fights and most of all, so much immense...
In the Air Tonight by farmergirl56
In the Air Tonightby farmergirl56
Will loves Sarah. He desperately wants to tell her how he feels, but doesn't want everyone else to know, nor knows how to tell how he feels. But when Sarah gets hurt in...
Hold On (Alma Peregrine x Reader) by sarah0pqulson
Hold On (Alma Peregrine x Reader)by Nev
Y/N is taken within a loop with a caretaker by the name of Alma Peregrine. What will happen when you mix love with melancholy? It's up to them to help.
My Soulmate [Bruno Bucciarati] by LittleMissDevil001
My Soulmate [Bruno Bucciarati]by LittleMissDevil
Nunca creyó que conocer a su alma gemela cuando este era un niño iba a hacerla esperar encontrarse con él una vez más. Esta vez, como adultos y como amantes. Como deben...
HorseLand (Discontinued) by DragonRider718
HorseLand (Discontinued)by DragonRider718
Mable Preston and her horse Watts are moving to a new stables called HorseLand with their friends Sarah and her horse Scarlet. Follow them on their journey of friendship...
(On Hold)Forbidden Love(Horseland Aztec x Wild!Mustang!reader) by DaughterOfHades12343
(On Hold)Forbidden Love( Daughter of Hades 1
Y/N is a wild mustang that lives with her herd near Horseland. When they struggle to survive will she meet the love of her life? Follow her on this exciting adventure th...
God Or Love (Monsignor Timothy Howard x reader) by BandGeek2263
God Or Love (Monsignor Timothy Megan Stevens
You were a young nun, just given an assignment. Monsignor Timothy Howard's personal assistant, basically. He asked for another nun to travel with him and you were given...
Horseland: Chloe & Zoe Oldest Sister ( Will Love Story ) by sekarpramesti
Horseland: Chloe & Zoe Oldest sekarpramesti
Chloe & Zoe are a twin sisters but what will happen if their oldest sister came to Horseland. And what will happen if Will met their oldest sister. And what will happen...
D. Gray-man one shots by PurplePilotToast
D. Gray-man one shotsby A smol toasty Tato
Here's a lovely collection of one shots for hungry DGM readers! (Ha that was a joke for parasitic type innocence that was gold)