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Cliffside Thoughts by Millicent444
Cliffside Thoughtsby 𝗕𝗘𝗔•𝗠
The boy stands near the edge of the cliff. He inhales, He exhales, He's ready.
Random Kaitou Joker by Nekophy_Alternative
Random Kaitou Jokerby Nekophy_Alternative
Just random Kaitou Joker stuff. It can range from one-shots to just ideas. Hope you enjoy it...? Started: 01/01/2020 Ended: 06/24/2020 DISCLAIMER: Everything here does n...
Broken/Shattered/Fixed (Percy Jackson) by ThatGirlAshley101
Broken/Shattered/Fixed (Percy ThatGirlAshley101
Percy Jackson was betrayed by both of his family but he finds a new family that knows the truth but Percy doesn't talk anymore. Will Percy talk again? Will his family fi...
dusk till dawn by partypoison2929
dusk till dawnby Partypoison99
Thor is woken up by Steve finally coming home to his apartment across the hall, absolutely hammered. Thor was sure Steve could handle himself, but it never hurts to chec...
Smooth Criminals  by Second_Hoe
Smooth Criminals by Boomer
"But I don't only steal material stuff", he looked innocently and smirked, "You could say that I'm a heart stealer too". ___________________________...
Riot|Kuroken  by Random_Person_30
Riot|Kuroken by _random.person_
A riot broke out in Japan... it was started due to government issues... Kuroo and Kenma find themselves somewhere by the riots. "KENMA!", Kuroo yells at the t...
It's ok to not be ok by julien14brannon
It's ok to not be okby Julien brannon
This is all darker more real poetry that I really want to publish. I know it's sad but it's real. And I would like to share it with you guys who feel alone.
Broken/Shattrred/Fixed (Rewrite) by ThatGirlAshley101
Broken/Shattrred/Fixed (Rewrite)by ThatGirlAshley101
Percy Jackson was betrayed, betrayed by the people he thought was his friends and family. When he found a new one it happened again. What happens when the people who be...
Not Letting You Go Yet by ClydeFroggy
Not Letting You Go Yetby ClydeFroggy
After the Forces Of Nature finally attacked again against the Skyworld army,Pit and Dark Pit were trapped again in the Chaos Kin.When the war ended, Palutena,Goddess Of...
Maddie's Wonderland by DianaReed3
Maddie's Wonderlandby Diana Reed
I know I wrote this book before but i want to make it different this time but it's going to be the same thing a little bit just more detailed! ENJOY 😊
the two unfortunate by theawkwardshyone
the two unfortunateby Luna del sol
Once she had a good look at his face. She gasped. She had been in many fights before but she couldn't bear to see innocent faces all beaten up. He had a bruised eye and...
The shy one •Muke au• by Mashtonspimples
The shy one •Muke au•by Mashtonspimples
Its so not fair. I have no one to talk to, im constantly sitting alone. No one likes me or no one wants to talk to me. Its just... Not fair!
Until the Day We Die by abandoned_writer
Until the Day We Dieby 🌻 hailey 🌻
So basically this is just a johnlock thing I wrote and it is going to be longer (maybe?) than I thought. It's based off on the clip in August: Osage County where Benedic...
My Story (so far) by KIGGY_R_GR8
My Story (so far)by Mania!AtTheRomance
Just randomness from me and some other things. I'm a mess just a fair warning. I think about random things. It's just my like train chu-Chu-ing along the tracks of thoug...
"Complicated Feelings." BNHA Guys x Reader story  by AvaRynerson
"Complicated Feelings." BNHA Afriendly_Weeb
This story is about y\n who just transferred over to UA. She was expecting a normal school year hoping she wouldn't get bullied her like at her last school but she was n...
~Back Here Again with You...~ FNAF Mike x reader x FNAF Jeremy by TheWeridSavage
~Back Here Again with You...~ Fandom Lover
This book is about a young girl who loses everyone she has ever cared about... Until one day a job opening appears in the newspaper. Knowing that she needed the money sh...
My Fake Husband by _Infinite_Stars_
My Fake Husbandby Carmelita
I stood there in front of humongous, heavy, oak doors. My white mermaid wedding dress tightly hugged my curves in slippery, smooth silk as ends of my dress splattered li...
Random poems, writing and stories by Sound1030
Random poems, writing and storiesby danny
Like the title states, just my random poems, thoughts and writing